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What is a Home Inspection?
Warning about Home Warranty, Inc.  XML
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My name is Nathan Thornberry and I run the best warranty company in the world. You can find out everything you need to know about our policies at http://www.RealWarranty.net or search my name on YouTube and find speeches and presentations on hundreds of topics pertaining to Real Estate, Home Inspection, Home Warranty, and Risk Management. You'll discover I know my stuff and if you're a homeowner that has bought a home anywhere in the U.S. or Canada over the last couple decades...there's about a 1 in 10 chance you've already been a client of ours. If you're a client you may have even had a claim on something like an underground sewer line or garage door spring, both things you wouldn't likely realize are only covered by one company in the industry. Perhaps you were lucky, perhaps you just had a wonderful real estate agent advising you.

I'm not saying something I can't factually back up when I make a claim like this: Our Coverage is the Best.

This isn't a statement I make subjectively. Factually you can list out the covered components in our policies compared to anything else available in the market and we just obliterate all of them. For a quick reference comparison sheet, visit https://realwarranty.net/benefits ...and you'll find listed some well known and perfectly respectable competitors. We know our policies afford our clients more coverage, but their coverage is generally "good" and it is my belief that they act in good faith every day to deliver on their promises just as we do. All of the major Home Warranty providers like ourselves deal with hundreds of thousands of clients on an annual basis (so don't judge them too harshly for the handful of bad reviews they may have).

All of what I said thus far was to convey a simple message: We take coverage seriously and appreciate our competition when they work hard to deliver for clients and operate in good faith.

This cannot be said, unfortunately, of all participants in the Home Warranty space and today I'd like to tell you very factually and without subjectivity how much of a bad faith scam Home Warranty, Inc. is running. See the attached files.

Let's start with the attached letter, an actual correspondence from Home Warranty, Inc. and their "Customer Care Team". There was no redaction necessary, this (bad faith) denial of claims notice is exactly as it was submitted to a client. The letter includes a denial for four issues - which happen to be all of the claims the policyholder had ever made to that point. Four claims, four denials, which was not a coincidence. On each item their (bad faith) claims intake practice included a leading question to get the policy holder to suggest that all of the conditions were pre-existing. You will find their own policy quoted on this topic in the letter, which we have verified with the policy...which leads us to a question: Who precisely determined that these systems never functioned properly?

I'll humbly answer this very important question utilizing everything I know as probably the most knowledgeable person in this industry: There was no legitimate determination made that the conditions existed prior. Is it possible that these conditions might have existed prior to the start of the policy? Absolutely. Was it determined that this is factually the case? No. The only thing that was determined is that the first time there was an attempt to utilize these four items by the new home owner, during the policy period, there were malfunctions. The malfunctions could have occurred at the moment use was first attempted, moments before, or at any time prior to that first use including the entire time period from closing to the date of claim. Again, just for clarity, it's possible that these minor malfunctions could have been present prior to the start of the policy...but there's no way of knowing and therefore no possible way to "determine" it was pre-existing.

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