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What is a Home Inspection?
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Joined: 12/19/2015 06:39 PM EST
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I've been pounding the pavment, visiting realtors, passing out business cards. The 'business 101' of getting your business started and your name out there. I got a call from one of the realtors asking me if I could come in a do a 'presentation' for all the agents. What? This wasn't discussed during my training!
Anyway, has anyone done this before. A 'presentation' for a group of people? What are the things I should cover (other than the basics of who I am and what I can offer) and if anything I should bring with me? Any input would be helpful. I'm sure its quite simple but I don't want to forget something that would be vital.
Mike Casey

Joined: 06/28/2014 07:21 PM EDT
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Location: San Diego CA

Agents will respond to what you can do that makes their job easier - so use that thought when putting together your presentation. Also what value add items do you offer? What sets you apart from the competition?

Thank you.

Mike Casey
Director of Education
Home Inspection University
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Joined: 01/17/2016 07:13 PM EST
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Location: Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Think of every question you have been asked by an agent up till this point, have an answer for everyone of those questions. When you are done present they will be asking questions and you don't want to be hesitating or not have an answer.

Think out side the box. Don't walk in there and tell them that your thorough, honest and do a good inspection. They have heard that many times over.

I agree with Mike, they want you to make what they have to do easier.

When I did my first few presentations i printed off about 10 10x8 glossy photographs of defects, some serious some fully and some just plain stupid. I passed them out one by one and they passed them around to each other. It filled the time pretty good and got them involved and making comments. That was over five years ago and i still have the odd agent bring up to the client about that picture of an electrical panel i had that label the sewer ejector pump breaker as "Shit Pump".

TJ Smith
All Out Home Inspection
Greg Pownall

Joined: 07/01/2014 08:35 PM EDT
Messages: 174
Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Just show confidence, you're the Pro. Anything less and you will just be be another doughnut bringer.

One thing in your delivery content, offer and comp a few inspections. I did that 5 years ago and I can literally look back trace my work. It was a huge springboard to get tipped up and going. Before you think " I'm not doing any free work", think of your cost of doing the inspections. A little sweat equity in your business is a great investment VS spending the same $$ on candy bowls and worthless office presentations to start out.
Once you are established and have built a name, your confidence will show, you're the expert.
Then, Realtors will actually care what you have to say and view you as a credible resource and not focused on what type of doughnuts you brought for breakfast...
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Joined: 10/21/2014 06:28 PM EDT
Messages: 242
Location: Rhode Island

Your main thing is how you are useful to the realtor. We are a resource, we also provide faster inspections and turn around times on reports...

we all think were thorough, honest, etc...

Mike Auger, CMI
Patriot Property Inspections
RI Home Inspector
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RI Radon Lic. # RMC-142 RMB-096
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Joined: 07/19/2015 10:24 AM EDT
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Location: Metro Detroit to Lansing, Michigan

First you need to ask them how long they want the presentation to be, will it be at one of their regular meetings or if it will be your meeting, and about how many people are anticipated to come. We made a 10 minute presentation and about a 20-25 minute one. The 10 minute was for a couple presentations we did at office meetings that gave us a bit of time at the start of the meeting. Our "base" presentation was "how to prepare your clients (buyers and sellers) for a home inspection".

We have also done a Radon presentation.

Make an outline on what you want to talk about, including a brief intro of yourself and your business.

Be ready to answer questions, like what is your fee, do you test for Radon, pest inspections, etc, how long do your inspections take...

I suggest raffling off a door prize. I do not recommend raffling off a discount from a home inspection, they seem to not get used. I recommend a $50 gift card to a nicer restaurant relatively near the office - everyone will happily give you their business card for the raffle, which you will then use to try to connect on LinkedIn and email "thank yous" for attending your presentation (at a minimum). Make some kind of hand-out to give out, along with your business card and brochure if you have one. A good one is your inspector Association's standards of practice document if you state is not regulated, so they know what to expect on your inspections.

Keep it simple, think about what they want to hear more than what you want to say about yourself.

Schedule it at least a week or 2 out so you have plenty of time to prepare and rehearse (and you'd better rehearse!)

Message me if you have any questions, be happy to help.

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"You don't know what you don't know."

Joined: 07/01/2014 10:28 AM EDT
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Missing the last numbers for your phone on your pages.

Joined: 12/02/2016 09:17 AM EST
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Of course this is just 1 Realtor's opinion, but I like to hear how you interact with clients and explain what it important and what is simple. Sure every inspector says they're great, but it's easier to tell in person if someone is just saying what sounds good, or if they really enjoy the process of teaching and helping clients feel more comfortable with their purchase and the work ahead. It's an emotional time, so I really like inspectors that have some emotional intelligence. We are all in the customer service business.

And yes, as the others said, comping or discounting an inspection helps as well as food. All plays into your likability.

Kevin Wagstaff
Founder, SEO Specialist
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Joined: 11/06/2016 08:40 PM EST
Messages: 37
Location: Northeast Ohio

You have to try to find your usp, Unique Selling Point. Something has to set you apart from every boring "doughnut bringer" not sure who said that earlier but that was a good one. If you say everything you can find on everyone else's boring ass websites then I'm sure you will get a few calls BUT if you do something unique they tend to move you toward the top of their referral list!

Northeast Ohio
"Take the time and do it right"
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Joined: 06/24/2014 03:55 PM EDT
Messages: 288
Location: Carmel, Indiana

Some people like visuals, maybe a small flip chart or laptop PowerPoint presentation. You could use some props; perhaps banners or something? You could take them to lunch (unless it was a large group, you could bring a few buffet-style items) - Consider everything from a customer's prospective. It's about them, not you. Talk benefits, but keep it short and sweet. The more you say, the less they hear. Make sure they have literature of everything you presented.

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Rob Jude

Joined: 10/21/2015 04:37 PM EDT
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Location: Lafayette, IN

Bring snacks. Have some sort of drawing (raffle). Try to make it fun. Be upbeat, positive, and confident. Remember they are already using someone for the services you offer and things are going just fine... why should they switch to you?
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