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Studs/Wood Beam Question  XML
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My family and I are building a two story home with a national builder- hasn’t been a fun process.

Can anybody shed some light on some of the attach photos- curious if I’m overreacting to some of the wood blemishes.

Does this beam look to have a crack in it?

Width of stud is about half due to quality of this particular stud- on an exterior wall in bathroom- should I be concerned?
[Thumb - 0B0071F6-4F85-49C9-8EA1-053EA974A6EE.jpeg]
 Filename 0B0071F6-4F85-49C9-8EA1-053EA974A6EE.jpeg [Disk] Download
 Description Does this beam look to have a crack in it?
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[Thumb - 3AA40329-DB69-4A39-A604-AE5C77318E29.jpeg]
 Filename 3AA40329-DB69-4A39-A604-AE5C77318E29.jpeg [Disk] Download
 Description Width of stud
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Mike Casey

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The engineered beam (looks like a Timberlam or Microlam) surface defect is normal, looks like stitching. The stud is a low grade material and missing some width as it looks like it was milled from the edge of the log. Just one is probably not a big deal, and there is a competent stud nearby, once again not a big deal, however, most of us would not have used that stud for framing a bearing wall.
Thank you.

Mike Casey
Director of Education
Home Inspection University
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