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How many of you actually actively provide Thermography and if you don't, I'm curious why?  XML
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Cameron Anderson
P. Diddy

Joined: 09/27/2014 09:37 AM EDT
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Location: Peoria, IL

Inspectors who "guess" hurt themselves regardless of what tools they use. Infrared cameras don't solve or cause those inspector's problems.

Cameron Anderson
Illinois Licensed Inspector
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Peoria, Illinois

Joined: 04/13/2015 08:36 PM EDT
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I carry one with me but I only pull it when I have a suspicion to confirm.
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Location: Edmond,Oklahoma

I use a flir C2 and don't charge extra, I use it for things like potential roof leaks then verify with moisture meter whenever I suspect a leak. It's great in the attic looking for mice and rats ,but mostly I get it out to look for air leaks around doors and windows around can lights etc. I tell my clients that it's just a tool that I use to complete a great home inspections but in know way is it a considered a full the thermal imaging scan of the home.

Kevin Groves
TrueView Home Inspections
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The Rock

Joined: 06/18/2014 10:46 PM EDT
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Pete Campbell wrote:
William Chandler wrote:we use the Flir E40bx on moisture staining mostly and some shower/tub surrounds if suspicious and it has helped find duct leaks when accessible. I have not found it reliable for insulation inspections or roof inspections. I see guys posting pics of hot breakers and oven elements but these rarely actually mean anything. Saw one guy recently showing a "overheated" breaker but he didn't mention the wire was too large for the breaker - maybe that was why the breaker glowed more than the others.

It provides really pretty pictures of homes decorated with Christmas lights.

I use it mostly to find termites in walls - works really well. Also, useful in finding rats in attics.

If you are only doing home inspections, I don't see where all the training/certifications provide any return. Buy a $700 camera and use it as a tool when it might make sense. BTW, the Flir E40bx cost $4k and doesn't provide any benefit over a $700 camera in a home inspection. Haven't found where it provides any benefit on commercial either.

Thermal cameras - over hyped, over priced. Think cheap and you'll get your monies worth.

This forum could use a lot more practical posts like this one from my friend William. So sick of hype!

Agree. If you want to be a "thermographer," then get the good equipment and certifications you'll need to capture those high $ jobs. Otherwise, if you want to be a "Home Inspector w/ IR," then... don't. I hardly ever use my E60 anymore, in favor of the C2; and consider my Level I, a waste; esp. as there are many HI-specific classes/certs available now.

PHILO RAMOS, BS Civil Engineering
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Joined: 11/06/2016 08:40 PM EST
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Location: Northeast Ohio

Cameron Anderson wrote:Yes I do, free with every inspection. Did my Level I course through Infraspection. Current camera is an E50bx.

I have it for free with every inspection as well. I am using the new flir C2 pocket size and I'm in love with it. It has helped give me an edge in getting referral phone calls for offering something others don't in my area. And I may not do it that way forever but at least for now

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Northeast Ohio
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Rolling Stone

Joined: 02/19/2021 08:51 PM EST
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I do blower door testing here in Philadelphia and when they fail I'll bring out the thermal imager and show them what they did wrong. I also get calls from home owners with cold drafts or high energy consumption and I recommend the blower door test with the thermal imager. It's really cool when you depressurize the house the new air leaks more forcefully and you can actually feel it with you hand. Usual spots are windows and trim that are unchalked and missing insulation. I charge $390 give a report and the are very happy with the service. It's a great home energy audit.

Ori Rosen
Buildind Analyst
Duct Leakage and Infiltration
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