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What is a Home Inspection?
Not Sold on Thermal Imaging  XML
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Joined: 01/07/2020 08:41 AM EST
Messages: 2
Location: New Jersey

I have never been an advocate for thermal imaging used in the process of inspecting a house. I myself have a thermal image Flir camera and an attachment for my iPhone. I have only used them a few times to get a feel for them. I bought this equipment because all the other kids on the block had one. The problem with this technology is it’s not reliable and many factors that can effect false readings. The results need to be verified by other piece of equipment (example: moisture meter). My opinion, it’s just another tool you put in your bag.

I’m writing this post because I learned there are doctors using thermal imaging to evaluate women for breast cancer instead of doing a mammogram. I read the disclaimer one doctor had on his website. It stated in plain words that thermal imaging is not a conclusive means of determining any disease. Also, I understand that the FDA stated, “Thermal imaging is no substitute for a mammogram”.

My conclusion; the thermal imaging industry is again pushing a technology that has no fit for its proposed use.


Joe Milovitz owner Aggressive Inspections

Joined: 06/18/2014 10:11 PM EDT
Messages: 156
Location: Columbus Ohio area

We have them and use them mainly to double check ourselves and for a second look at things.

A good way to use them is to scan the ceilings below attics and areas with plumbing to look for abnormalities in the pattern. If something pops up then it gets checked by moisture meter.

Just like a second person can look at an area and see something slightly different, so can an IR camera. An IR camera just happens to look with totally different eyes/wavelengths.

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Joined: 11/13/2017 05:13 PM EST
Messages: 12
Location: Bandera, TX

Once you get the right training and learn how to use a thermal imager, you'll see the value added. Yes, you do still need to confirm moisture with a moisture meter, but the first time you find a leak with thermal that hasn't stained the ceiling yet, you'll see the value. Or maybe it's the HVAC register covered over by drywall that is completely invisible to the naked eye, but stands out like a sore thumb on thermal. Thermal is not the end all solution, but with proper training, it is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal. Get the right training, and then get a good camera.
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Michael Marlow
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Joined: 01/07/2020 08:41 AM EST
Messages: 2
Location: New Jersey

Thank you gentlemen for your input. I live and work in Jersey. Hidden or latent issues such as AC ducts covered in a wall or maybe a heat register covered by a rug are not part of a home inspection. Proper training and the right tool. Interesting.. Do you want to be a thermographer or home inspector? I attended a seminar a few years ago by a lawyer. To make a long story short. Lawsuit in progress. Lawyer asks home inspector what tools he carried. I carry all requires tools plus special tool “A”. How come you don’t carry special tool “B” which would have found the issue? Response, didn’t think I needed it. Judge agreed. You can carry tool “A”, you can carry tool “B”.

Joe Milovitz owner Aggressive Inspections
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