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Joined: 12/05/2014 10:07 AM EST
Messages: 87
Location: San Antonio, Texas

I keep it short, factual and to the point. Remember the repairs should be made by a professional, I don't need to tell some one that the a/c over current protection device is oversized. If the unit should malfunction it may not trip the device before damage could occure, furthmore if the overcurrent protection should fail to trip the wires or equipment could overheat resulting in a fire. If a fire should occur and u have not replaced the double key deadbolts I wrote up in the door section you may not be able to get out of the structure, if you dont have proper egress or ingress and the fire department can't get tou you in time you could be injured, If the fire department can't get tou you in time and your injuries are sever enough you could die or worse you may live and have to try out Obama care!!!!

You can see were people write these long confusing narratives, I read these reports that will write 2 paragraphs for a few things the find, the report appears to be a good report and then you discover they missed 40-50 more items.

I did a 7 yr old home today and the report was 53 pages with short direct comments, if I wrote narratives this thing would have been 200 pages.

What's wrong with a comment like
Caution a double lugged breaker was noted, this can be a fire hazard.

Short, to the point and has all the trigger words needed to set the possible severity of the issue.

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The Rock

Joined: 06/18/2014 10:46 PM EDT
Messages: 881
Location: Dallas, Texas

I agree w/ "...just the facts, ma'am."
Training and education is not my objective; either on-site or on-paper, (on-screen.)

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Cameron Anderson
P. Diddy

Joined: 09/27/2014 09:37 AM EDT
Messages: 602
Location: Peoria, IL

In Illinois we are required to:

1. Report on items which are significantly deficient


2. State why they are significantly deficient.

"Caution a double lugged breaker was noted, this can be a fire hazard." This would not satisfy that requirement because it doesn't answer the "why".

Cameron Anderson
Illinois Licensed Inspector
Inspecting since 2004
Peoria, Illinois

Joined: 10/21/2014 06:28 PM EDT
Messages: 242
Location: Rhode Island

Cameron Anderson wrote:In Illinois we are required to:

1. Report on items which are significantly deficient


2. State why they are significantly deficient.

"Caution a double lugged breaker was noted, this can be a fire hazard." This would not satisfy that requirement because it doesn't answer the "why".

depends on the defect, I write defect, why or what happens because of it, and recommendation.

The valve was dripping (show picture).- water leaks can cause rapid damage to adjacent components, including rot and mold growth. I recommend repair by a licensed qualified plumber.

Mike Auger, CMI
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Mike Casey

Joined: 06/28/2014 07:21 PM EDT
Messages: 1245
Location: San Diego CA

I missed this one before. I say the below, as I have had both clients and electricians not understand the terms double tap or double lug.

Multiple conductors were terminated at breaker(s) rated for one wire termination only in the main electric panel. We recommend correction by a licensed electrician as the breaker(s) is not rated for more than one conductor and the terminations could overheat and or the breaker could be overloaded.

That's it.

Mike Casey
Director of Education
Home Inspection University
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HomeWorkz inspectors

Joined: 11/23/2014 07:57 PM EST
Messages: 107
Location: Beaufort County, SC and Chatham County, GA

One circuit breaker was "double tapped," where two or more wires were installed in the breaker's lug. Most breakers are designed for only one wire to be connected. This is a safety hazard since the lug bolt can tighten securely against one wire but leave others loose. Arcing, sparks and fires can result. Recommend that a qualified electrician repair per standard building practices.

G. Erik Alstad
HomeWorkz Home Inspections

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Rob Jude

Joined: 10/21/2015 04:37 PM EDT
Messages: 168
Location: Lafayette, IN

In my opinion, comments/ narratives should be short and to the point. As a past industrial construction PM, I could write ridiculously long narratives and make my report look like technical manual for home maintenance. I have been to hundreds of bid meetings and had to read spec books several inches thick to make sure there wasn't some wording I was missing or misinterpreting. That SUCKS for everyone involved. Most home buyers don't know much at all about what you are saying and don't want to know. Realtors wont be happy with your reports if they need to take it home and read 72 pages of blah blah blah. If the house needs a roof, say it. No need to discuss the history of asphalt fiberglass composite shingles or how to properly install them complete with underlayment, flashing, venting, roof style specs. The best solution is usually the simplest one that works.

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Michael Altizer

Joined: 10/31/2014 06:20 PM EDT
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When I have a head scratcher, I'll slowly insert this 1 in the report:
[Thumb - Screenshot_2016-08-19-00-19-00.png]
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RHI Growth

Joined: 04/20/2022 04:29 PM EDT
Messages: 37
Location: Evansville

I personally like noting the problem and adding potential ways to fix, so that it is all explained in once place. What do you do if there are possibly more than one way to fix the problem? Do you list multiple ways to fix or suggest only one? I ask because we have several agents that sometimes feel like it is overkill if you will and it just makes the report too long. I personally think it is a great way to have all of the information in the same place and is a handy tool for the buyer/homeowner for future reference.

Libby Mayes
Growth Coordinator
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