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Mastering PFAS Awareness to Impress Your Clients  XML
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Dawn Coffee

Joined: 05/12/2023 11:56 AM EDT
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Location: Indiana, SW Michigan

PFAS aka "Forever Chemicals" are a hot topic right now as everyone is concerned about the safety of drinking water. Here's a top 10 things you need to know about PFAS so you can confidently answer customer questions.

1. A recent government study shows some level of PFAS is present in tap water in half of U.S. households
2. PFAS is a group of man-made chemicals used in a variety of consumer products and industries throughout the world
3. PFAS can be found in carpet, clothing, fabrics for furniture, food, packaging, cookware, and firefighting foams et.
4. The EPA has proposed regulating PFAS with a MCL (maximum contamination limit) of 4.0 parts per trillion (ppt)
5. Testing for PFAS in drinking water is recommended if your well is located within one to two miles of a known source of PFAS or other water supplies where PFAS has been detected - Examples include: airfields, landfills, and manufacturing sites
6. There are special collection procedures for PFAS to ensure accurate results that can be found on the EPA's website -just filling a bottle is not enough
7. Use a laboratory that is certified in PFAS for drinking water - can be found on the EPA's website
8. After initial PFAS testing is complete, testing is recommended every 10 years
9. Point of Use or Point of Entry filters such as Reverse Osmosis systems can be used to remove PFAS from drinking water but you need to test to know what levels you have to ensure proper filtering
10. Ingestion of water contaminated with PFAS is the main concern rather than for showering or doing laundry




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