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Messages posted by: Leigh Gate
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That is absolutely awesome. I shared it on my facebook page too.
Yay there goes my good night's sleep. Just the other day there was a post on FB about a 3 lb sledge hammer left on the attic hatch.

What a world.
That's cool that past clients will be added! Keep me in the loop please
Webinar was good and I look forward to going big with this - Sorry I had to leave the webinar early (about 9:30).... hopefully I didn't miss too much!

Catch me up tomorrow night at the open mic night if I missed anything!
Cool stuff. I just registered www.homeinspector.tips and I can't wait to build it!
Oh here's a jingle (1960's tune... LOL):

When you walk in that house and you feel a connection
Make sure you call us for a complete inspection
We keep safety in mind for your protection
and you can turn that house into your home perfection

Ok I wont quit my day job.
When you think it looks good, have us take a GOOD LOOK.
Eeek. Here's the opinion of the HI association in Alberta regarding the proposed CSA standards :
ISG should mandate a minimum fee to offer their services. Of course that is not going to happen but how great if an industry association or some governing group said a HI must be a set amount. Maybe a % of the sale like a realtor.

Nobody gets to offer RecallChek or a RWS unless their fee is > $350.

Wow! I guess it was covered up when re roofing? I wonder where that whole scenario went after the report was delivered (and I wouldn't dare ask if it were me lol)
I do open house visits (although not with snacks so I will borrow that idea), and I send out personal letters with cards every week, followed up by phone calls. TO be honest it isn't as good as face to face, but it adds to the open houses. Mostly I get agents that have seen my envelope (hand written address) but haven't opened it yet.

I put prices in as much as I can, but include a WIDE range, usually double to triple (example a roof I estimate to be $3500 I write a range of $2,500 - $5,500, always add "Depending on work completed")

And during inspections when "Uncle Bob" is there, I usually ask a few telling questions and when I am sure, I ask "So what trade are you in?". I usually get a smile and then we get along great - they help me complete a great inspection.
I don't do this - yet, but am going to start tomorrow. I do see one competitor in my area that doesn't use stickers, they use cards on string. They are tied to shut offs and at the panel and furnace.

I think I will start with an order of cards and a hole punch, and get the Staples stickers so I can do either. A friend of mine puts cards under the cap shingles, in the attic and crawl spaces, to prove he was there.
If you haven't already covered it, write about how to prep your home when it is scheduled for an inspection. There's nothing worse than an attic access that's in a FULL closet, or sink cabinets FULL of personal items.... I love opening cabinet doors to see the plumbing.... and actually seeing the plumbing.

I have a pdf form on my website on how to prep, and I send it to the listing agent when I book the inspection, in hopes they share it with the vendor. I don't think they do .... lol
It is a good point, and I don't disagree - but there is a counter point; I post my prices, mostly as I don't call or deal with businesses that don't post prices. Car dealers, realtors, etc. If I don't see the list price I keep looking..... with rare exception on the real estate, but I get a buyer agent to ask.

I still get people asking what my prices are, still get debates on why I am higher (and yes even been asked why I am lower) but overall for me I just like to be transparent.

If my price stops them that quickly they may only be shopping price anyway... although I sure hope not
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