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Messages posted by: JHarrison
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Most Realtors are really good in the industry then you have the select few that hit my pet peeves.

Treat all others as professionals, we are all in this industry for a reason.
Do not try to set my price rates. I do not try to set your commissions.
Don't advise your client to not use my services because you have never heard of me. (in my area there are over 4000 realtors and 20 inspection companies, chances are I have never heard of you either).

I looked at both ASHI and NACHI when I joined. I chose InterNACHI.

ASHI had industry presence on their side. You can pick up almost any real estate book and see ASHI recommendations somewhere in there. You will not largely find this with NACHI.
Local chapters ASHI wins hands down. The best way to find a NACHI chapter is to start your own, and hope others join it.

NACHI does not have the levels of membership that ASHI had. Most clients don;t even know what level their ASHI inspector is. I wanted a concise statement I am a Certified Professional Inspector.
NACHI educational resources. Loads of education and all for free to the membership.
Loads of benifits. Although agreeable that 80% is fluff.

Nathan stated that ASHI members wear the pride of ASHI and the logos. They rally to support ASHI, including the logos on their work shirts, jackets, business cards. ect.
NACHI members do not largely due this.
Here is my two cents as to why there is a difference in this level of ownership in the association.

As I stated you can pick up almost any real estate book - how to guide. yadda yadda yadda. ASHI is praised in this material ASHI promotes to the public the importance of ASHI Inspectors. Therefore there is a valid return on investment to the inspector to advertise their affiliation.

InterNACHI largely refuses to advertise InterNACHI. Therefore there is little to no return on investment for an InterNACHI inspector promoting InterNACHI.

InterNACHI members have asked numerous times for national promotion of the association and brand. Numerous times have been told InterNACHI would rather promote the inspector than the association.


Thanks for the information, you guys really know your s//// stuff.
Yes sir Iowa born and raised.
I was told a few years back that
Double Tap is at the breaker
Double Lug is at the Neutral or Ground Bar.

I have been writing these up as 2 different issues.
I received free demos of 5 companies that I felt were on the top of the list.

I then narrowed it down to what I expected the software to do.
I narrowed again based on price.

Everyones needs are slightly different. the software needs to fit your needs.
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