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Messages posted by: Kevin
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Nice website !
I agree insurance is just a necessary part of any business plan.
Aw that suck's ,I know how you feel done it myself. Now I use WP and it save pretty automatically don't have that problem now, But I do pet in in word first then past it in and adjust as necessary .
Besides what Nathan said, I write short blogs about home maintenance ,inspections stuff and local events just really short about 300 words once a week or so. ....For and example I wrote one about frying turkeys for Thanksgiving as a safety tip, and let me say I'm no writer for sure. It seems to me once your on page 1 that blogs help keep you there because of new " local " relevant content to the local search area. Most other guys built their site and that's it. My new site got to page 1 in just a few months for my local search area... so good luck it will happen if you keep after it.

Ps. I also post my blog to every place like google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc. you can do this with Hootsuite very easily and have then go out on a schedule you set up.
Since real estate contracts are heavy weighted towards the buyer (At least Oklahoma) there would be no need for that clause in our contacts here. They have 10 days to do their due diligent and can back out at any time during that process for most any reason. This type language to do that is already built into a Oklahoma R.E. contract and I would think most anywhere else.
Yes, The people have spoken and we should all get back to business and the things we can all control. As Nathan said It will a be fine !
It's not bad really not many changes just some tweaks and they say you can add Flir images with a new integration they added.
I would never care I'm always looking to improve my program.
Outside of the RWS/ISG stuff your doing the inspection for the client, I cant see myself ever doing a inspection without ever talking to the client explaining what a home inspection is and all the benefits that my company offers like RecallChek. And since It's required to have a inspection agreement that is signed and agreed to by the client ,not the realtor. I would have no choice but to get their information or not do the inspection at all. I would tell the agent I have to be able to get certain information and speak to the client before any inspection can be preformed especially if they are not going to attend the inspection. I would think that most other inspectors would do nearly the same. If you have insurance you cant be covered without some type of inspection agreement I would have to get certain information from the client to execute it. So I would need to get the inspection agreement before we could move on to the other stuff. Just my take on it I cautious like that.
Products made in the USA would be nice again !
I like It...
I our area the down payments are at least 20 %...
I love these programs.
I'll bet your going to need a Director of Battery Operations to handle all that new business... Right up my skill set ...
This is great information for the Home Inspector...all kind of traps for the unsuspecting. Even if this turned out to be a great program there are plenty of others to get your money !
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