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So how do these services actually work?

I see that you guys used to have moldsafe and now do not offer it. Why?
As the title states.

Where is this money coming from to be able to provide these services? For instance, what if 6 ( or more, the number is really irrelevant) inspectors have a pending claim for a drain pipe that was broken which has caused the slab to shift and now the foundation has to be repaired as well? On top of a complete roof replacement and giving back the original inspection price.

I realize this is probably extreme but I want to know if something like this or similar happened how:

It would be solved
If the services would be wiped out and therefore all the other HI would have to discontinue the offerings
And how I explain it to customers when I am finally ready to sign up. Meaning, if they have the same concern that I currently do.

How can you warranty pipes that you have never seen? And how can you be sure that if 15 inspectors put in a pipe claim that they will all be taken care of? The old adage of "if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is" is ringing in my ears so I figured I would ask the question.
appreciate the tip.

I had an online a/c company about 5 yrs ago. Sold my units using specific keywords and creating a backlink web to drive my website authority up to be on the top google searches for those keywords. Worked out pretty well. Will probably do the same thing and incorporate local SEO as well.

More than likely will farm it out since google spiders change on a constant basis and I have no idea what they are doing nowadays lol.
will probably sign up because i want to get as much info as i can before my first few paid insp.

My goal is to be out on my own fully by summer time.

SO much info, but once i see it a few times and do it i can retain it pretty well. This industry plays to a few of my strengths. You probably know my instructors then. lol
what ive been taught is 1-1.5hr per 1k sq ft.

Most of the time the report is finished by the time you are done walking the house. You MAY have to take an additional 15min for something.

If someone is walking around tell them you do not walk and talk because you may miss something and that you will answer all questions when you are finished.

If they persist give them your hourly rate and say you can charge them an hourly rate to answer their questions now or you can talk to them for free once you are complete.

Something to think about..
So some of you may know i posted a few months ago talking about how i want to get started in home inspection etc etc.

Well I am on my field training portion (required in TX) and I didnt realize how much information and stuff I actually need to know. Worrying about if I will have enough work is irrelevant because of how little home inspectors there are in TX and around the US in general. Needless to say, I am getting pretty excited to learn everything and take my test. Im sure i will have question as i go and complete the modules and will inevitably be back here to ask some questions. Thanks for the support some of you guys have shown.

The instructors here preach Code Check. I saw that Mike Casey is a contributor to that book and I am curious as to how often a new quick reference code check flip books comes out and when? Also, the same question for the complete code check book.
ya i take any and all advice. No part time work here. Im trying to work for myself. I got a dose of it when i first was discharged from the military. Since not working for myself, ive been kind of "addicted" to coming up with was for it to happen. I did a lot of inspecting in the military so this just kind of fits.

Hopefully ill be starting training in the coming days. I will reach out either here or call you if something arises. Thanks for the support.
rthowell wrote:I also got my initial training from AHIT (although it was online) and thought they did a good job at laying a foundation. But, there's honestly so much to know that you have to constantly drip knowledge into your brain and that includes asking questions on forums when you're not sure about something you see. They recommend doing 30 mock inspections of friends and family's homes. Do this. You will feel much more natural once you've had some practice--and pay attention to how long it takes you. Typical inspections should take 2-3 hours for 2k-3k sq ft and you should have the report 90% done at the end.

Also, get to know some quality trades so you can pose trade specific questions if needed. Don't abuse this as their time is valuable, as is their knowledge. But, they can help when you're not sure what might be going on.

There are a couple insurance providers for HI. I use Allen Insurance Group [http://www.allenins.com/commercial-products/coverage-for-specific-industries/home-inspectors-insurance]

Do some research on what your competitors are offering with their service and then see if you can offer more services, features, etc. Set yourself apart since you're new. I still struggle with this because I don't have 10+ years of experience like my competitors. I've found that the warranties Nathan offers through ISG are a good, easy way to add USPs--at least that's what clients tell me in regard to why they decided to go with me.

Report writing software
This is a hot topic. Try out as many as you can and find the one that has good support (they will take a call to sort out technical issues quickly) and one that is easy for you to use. I spent a lot of time with nearly all of the popular ones and settled on HomeHubZone as it was the most modern and easiest/quickest one for me. I spent about 20-30 mins after my inspection (at the office) finalizing and re-reading the report before delivering it to clients.

Business management software
ISN. ISN. ISN. You need it. You'll love it. It's will run your business for you when it comes to scheduling, contracts, payment, report delivery, and much more. Take the time to get signed up and go through their boarding process--they have AMAZING support staff that will walk you through the entire set up and then answer questions for you via live chat/phone immediately. It's honestly like having additional staff in your own office. You get like 60-90 days free and super cheap when you actually pay. It will save you an enormous about of stress and time. Time is money!

These are my initial thoughts. Happy to give you my take from the past year of developing my home inspection business. Feel free to call me. Office number is 949-464-7675.

Thanks Ryan. I really appreciate that and will definitely be taking you up on your offer. What is USP short for? And i would love to offer some of those things that ive seen suggested, but Im not sure those would be open to a new inspector? I thought someone had to have at least 1k inspections before they would be able to offer such services? I could be wrong on that though.
Ya I plan to stay in TX even though im not from here. Would like to move to a bigger city after some experience.

But anyway, i appreciate the other option out there. Is that where you went Philo?
thanks for the response and the info.

I really dont want to work for someone else unless i absolutely have to. One of the reasons im trying to get into home inspections is so I dont have to work for anyone else. I want to grow my own empire, not help someone grow theirs. I think the 13 days, 8 home inspection thing will be of great value.

Im searching around here and learning about what all i will need. Insurance, marketing suggestion etc.

Look forward to hearing from others.
So I am interested in becoming a home inspector. for various reasons. I live in TX (West Tx) and I have been in contact with a place called AHIT. They are offering to send me materials that equate to about 300+ hours of learning. Also, in TX, you have to have some field time, which AHIT also offers in a 13 day classroom type setting where you go and do about 8 house inspections with an inspector and, i would assume, ask any other questions that can come up.

My question is, is this a good curriculum/path? Are there other options for me. Im just trying to see what is out there since I know no-one in this field. Thanks for the help.
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