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Thank you Mike for replying
I wish this thread would have continued I wanted to hear the answer to you question Inspectitchicago
Does anyone have a page or a form they don't mind sharing on what pre-inspection phone questions you ask your customers or you think is most important to make sure that you know. I'm redoing my forms and just want to see what everybody elses thoughts are
I would say it's just most important to keep the insects from coming in they do make a spray foam that is specifically insect control might be something the new homeowners can do themselves
That's a really tough call. I would point it out to the client write it up as suspect. Suggest they have it reviewed by a liscensed professional HVAC technician just to be sure
Rob Jude wrote:just a few minute walkthrough of issues of concern. I tell them I take a lot of photos and include them in the report , making it very easy to understand. I also tell them to fee free to call me if they have any questions after receiving the report. I rarely get a call. That is the goal. I could easily make my reports look like a technical manual full of big words and specs (many inspectors do). My clients are not engineers or construction managers and should be given a report in laymen terms, easy to understand. Each defect should have a detailed description of location so the handy man or specialist can find that one outlet wired incorrectly rather than retesting all in the house (or whatever the defect)

Awesome job on having very few callbacks on your reports that's the main goal get your money and never have to hear from them again is a good thing if they buy the home and are buying any more homes and were very happy with your services
homespectors wrote:Dr. Shane or Nathan. What do you mean: Do not take a sample in a clean/ non problem room? I have people wanting test without evidence of problems is this not advisable?

Also, it just started snowing here. Does that mean do not take an outdoor sample, but do take the indoor samples?

For the exact reasons stated above how can you ever know that a room is clean of mold there's always usually some level of mode in every room of every house every day the week. Only an outdoor air sample tells us how different their quality is on the inside you can never do it off of a " clean room". This will be an interesting topic since I'm going to go to a mold class this weekend
It's definitely a big safety concern it helps people from getting electrocuted some states require them at all times not sure if there are any that don't. Not sure I have ever seen replacement doors for existing panels I know if I saw it while I was out inspecting I would call it out and suggest replacement.
I don't agree with the candy man delivery service marketing either but in can't hurt every once in a while. I recently started trying something new and have found interesting results. Whenever I have half a day off or a full day with no inspections I have decided to try to sit in the parking lot of our biggest realtor in town, in front of the front door with my wrapped truck doing my search engine optimization and my website building from my iPad and phone and if I leave my window open when I see realtors starting to walk by (weather permitting) and people have seen me enough recently, that they have stopped and chatted with me. It's like putting a billboard at the realtors office, a few times realtors have walked out of the office and asked to book an appointment with me or that they had just told a client to call me, it seems to be working I have only done it about 4 times now for a total of 16 hours but it seems like a cool idea better than sitting at home doing the same work. If anyone asks what I'm doing parked there I just tell them I was considering dropping off my report to a client in person at the office. Next month I am going to sit at 4-5 different offices see how that might work
Ok so I ended up finding Elite MGA thru internachi on a facebook forum. They lived up there promise and it was $1000 even. Monthly payments for both E and O and gen liability and like they said only took a few minutes and was super easy to apply very glad I found them
No there isn't a better spot than #1
You have to try to find your usp, Unique Selling Point. Something has to set you apart from every boring "doughnut bringer" not sure who said that earlier but that was a good one. If you say everything you can find on everyone else's boring ass websites then I'm sure you will get a few calls BUT if you do something unique they tend to move you toward the top of their referral list!
Try and make sure even after your schooling you go either online to forums or YouTube and educate yourself on SEO so your website can rank high in google pretty important after you put a lot of money into this thing
So far in my short career I have to say I belong to ASHI, but I'm not sure that means a whole lot to clients that just want to know if your qualified. But I have found ASHI website to be a bit cumbersome, InterNACHI on the other hand seems much more user friendly.
I would see absolutely no reason to add that to an already complex and complicated amount of words and jargon in all the paperwork everyone already has to do. I think that's already in the realtors paperwork anyway.
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