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Everything I have read shows that same infographic. I'll just assume what I saw is correct due to larger distance. Out of all of the tanks I have come across, this is the first time the tank was not parallel with the house and seemed odd.
I know the propane storage tanks should not be "pointed" at the house. If one happens to be pointed at the house, what would the proper distance be? This one was at least 50 feet away. I'm sure this is also dependent on the size of the time (which I did not verify). I'm much for this situation so far.
I don't blame the guns, gun manufactures, or gun owners. I blame the individual. Whether or not we know their reasons, it always comes down to the individuals. They have something inside their head that makes them feel the need to do whatever atrocities they set out to do. Maybe they are terrorist, fundamentalist, or just plain guys from Montana (sorry guys from Montana, it's a paraphrased joke from the great late George Carlin). Ultimately, it's probably more of a question of mental health, how our systems are broken, and we don't have great treatments for those people. The quick and easy thing to do is to medicate and leave it in the hands a select few people. So we are now an overmedicated population and they are probably on the wrong medications.

If you are pro or anti gun, nothing of significance is going to change. Things may become more strict, which will only hurt the law abiding citizens. If you completely outlaw guns, then the only people left with guns will be the outlaws.

For those people that want to ban certain "assault weapons" or magazine size, you really have no idea how all of that works. First of all any weapon is an assault weapon. The magazine size will not make much difference, especially for those that are very familiar with their weapons and they can change out a magazine in 1-2 seconds. Besides there are other weapons that are just as lethal if not more lethal than guns.
This reminds me, I need to finish reassembling my upgraded crawlbot. FedEx was a little rough and the camera was dislodged from the mount.
I do come to the forum 1-2 times a week. It seams for the last several months it has been nothing but the Marketing ladies posting the work they do. Not that I have a problem with that, but I do like to see other problems and concerns people have as I can learn from that topic too.
Looks great! I may order one of these. Would you be able do a similar one for mold?
Looks like asbestos duct wrap. I have recently been in a house and I have found a roll that looked like that one. However it has remained untested as the current owner didn't want to pay for the test yet.
That looks like it should carry the basics. I'll keep this in mind as I look at other bags. Nathan said something about having some bags for inspector shop. I'll look to see what he will put on there.
I know we don't use too many tools, but I'm curious as to what tool bags everyone uses. I'm wanting to replace my current tool backpack https://www.lowes.com/pd/AWP-HP-Ballistic-Nylon-Zippered-Closed-Tool-Bag/50149558
One of my requirements is to have a section that I can keep my demo binder and clipboard in.
I've found and considering https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Tools-Gear-Destroyer-Black/dp/B01LPIT470/ref=sr_1_10?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1501388843&sr=1-10&keywords=tool+backpack I"m open to other suggestions if it's something you use and are very happy with.
While on the topic of tools, does anyone use anything special other than the basics?
Would it be worth showing up after missing the first day?
Hey gang!
I've been considering doing sewer scopes as another ancillary service. Especially since I talked to get a couple gentlemen from Seattle (Sorry guys, I don't remember your names). I have been asking agents their opinions about this service. Some say they would recommend it. Some say they will not. Others are a flip of a coin if they would recommend it or not.
Some of my questions are:
1) What scopes would you recommend?
2) Do you use the locator as part of it?
3) Is the locator really needed?
4) What are the fees you charge. Yes I know every market will be different.
5) Does anyone make this a standard part of your inspection with elevated pricing or is it kept as an add on service?

I have recently received an email from OREP with an article from a plumber talking about various points without getting specific about anything. I'd be willing to post that if someone has an interest in reading it.
How about "I look forward to working with YOU in the future". Or maybe I am looking forward to you being a part of the/our/my team as we work together in the future?
I believe I'll be around for 1 day of the infrared training. Will I miss much or will it be a repeat of the first day?
Mike Casey wrote:Chad:

I think the beam was re-purposed. Most likely was pulled out of another building and used here. I'd say it's unconventional and inquire regarding municipal permit for the alteration. CMU's have been used for foundations since about the mid-1940s my estimate. Possibly a bit earlier some areas.


Thanks for the info Mike. As always, you're a great help.
Today's inspection I came across something I am writing up but I want to know why someone would have done this or the original install. The beam has multiple notches in them. All of the notches are spaced 16 inches on Center. This goes all the way across the basement on additional beam not pictured.

A side question that the agent and I discussed in relation to the age of the home. Does anyone know when they started using cinder blocks for the basement foundation?
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