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The original post was December 2014, when it was just RecallChek, 90-day, and Alarm Leads Program. I'm thinking SewerGard was still a baby then. 2013-14.
More often than not, most inspectors keep it defaulted to zero, but there's no right or wrong way. The reports naturally go out within 48 hours. In case you didn't know if you include the agents email, they'll get just the first report. And billing isn't until the 1st of the month. If a deal falls through, let us know, we can remove it for you, as long as you let us now within 30 days pf the inspection.

If a deal falls through and you have another inspection with that client, search the old property on RecallChek.com and update the old address with the new and change the appliances. Any changes will generate a new updated report.
If you're referred one and they're fully booked, you have a back up plan with two more options, is one reason.
I'm taking care of it now.
Awesome! Pics? lol
I saw the Radalink/HON post. Interesting, to say the least.
Porch the new One Source?
Some people like visuals, maybe a small flip chart or laptop PowerPoint presentation. You could use some props; perhaps banners or something? You could take them to lunch (unless it was a large group, you could bring a few buffet-style items) - Consider everything from a customer's prospective. It's about them, not you. Talk benefits, but keep it short and sweet. The more you say, the less they hear. Make sure they have literature of everything you presented.

I'd prefer haunted. Makes for fun parties.

Our main website is www.RecallChek.com - Any service you provide your clients will be submitted automatically for all your services. There's no monthly/yearly fees. It's a pay-per-use system - we bill the 1st of every month. Then we set up a 1-on-1 call to go over everything and show you how to utilize it all. You can also add or change services any time.

The clients get a RecallChek report that will tell them if there are any recalls on any of the major appliances in the home, and if there is, they get a FREE In-Home repair from the manufacturer. They also receive a monthly RecallTrak email newsletter that checks on any new recalls they have, and they get this for LIFE as part of your home inspection with. This monthly email will also allow them to add/update appliances for FREE at any time. You, as the inspector, can take photos of the data tags from our phone app. This saves you from having to manually enter the model and serial numbers.

They're also provided a 90-Day Warranty ($0 deductible) for anything the inspector deems to be in working condition from the inspection. This is a mechanical and structural coverage that is a part of the inspection.

The SewerGard ($300 deductible) also comes with all full home inspections and covers the underground water and sewer/septic lines from the foundation to the point of connection; for breaks, collapses, leaks, or tree root intrusions. There's up to $4,000 of coverage; $2,000 coverage per line - sewer/septic or water lines.

The MoldSafe ($300 deductible) also comes with all full home inspections and covers any new visible mold that is found that was not visible at the time of inspection. You don't have to do an actual mold test; however, this policy would not cover any pre-existing conditions as the other policies. There's up to $2,000 coverage for remediation.

The Platinum Roof Warranty ($500 deductible) is a warranty on the home that's inspected for leak coverage. We cover the roof for up to $3,000 of coverage that's a part of the full home inspection.

If they're filing a claim on any appliance, water heater or HVAC system, they must include the make, model and serial number of the failed item. If they have a 1-year warranty home warranty, they must submit their claim with them first, then submit that deductible invoice to us for reimbursement as long as it is something eligible for coverage. Then they include a copy of the home inspection, or at least those pages pertaining to the claim they're filing.

Last, we ask for a broken down, itemized estimate (parts & labor) or the bill for reimbursement. We send the checks to the clients directly.

They make money by taking in more than they pay out. Warranties are meant to mitigate risk by distributing it across a large pool of people. Only some of the people in the group will even use the warranty, which means that everyone is chipping in to pay for bad things that only happen to a small percentage of people. If a warranty costs $20, they know that they'll only have to pay out $15 on average.

It's similar to car insurance companies. They run a lot of stats on car reliability, repair costs and other factors. That's how they come up with the price of the warranty itself. The idea is to sell warranties on as many cars as possible to make up for the number of claims to pay out. I'm not sure if these companies can write-off claims as a business expense. That's a little out of my area of expertise.

There are different types of warranties. The extended home warranties are usually paid once per year, based on the square footage of the home. If you have a 1,500 sq/ft home, you could pay around $400. You make a call and they send a contractor out, and you're only paying the service fee for coming out. They're beneficial for people who don't have the $100's or even $1,000's to cough up to repair something.

There are limited warranties where you pay for the repairs in full, but get reimbursed up to an aggregate amount.

My girlfriend had the cable shut off - still keeping the internet/wifi - but she's over it. My Facebook timeline has friends and family members falling out with each other. Hilarious, but kinda sad too.

If you have a claim on any deal in our system within a year of inspection, we’ll cover your entire deductible of $1,500 with Allen Insurance or $1,000 with any other provider – and we charge nothing for this!

Here’s the link for all the details and registration: http://www.inspektmagazine.com/#insurance

Kevin wrote:Outside of the RWS/ISG stuff your doing the inspection for the client, I cant see myself ever doing a inspection without ever talking to the client explaining what a home inspection is and all the benefits that my company offers like RecallChek. And since It's required to have a inspection agreement that is signed and agreed to by the client ,not the realtor. I would have no choice but to get their information or not do the inspection at all. I would tell the agent I have to be able to get certain information and speak to the client before any inspection can be preformed especially if they are not going to attend the inspection. I would think that most other inspectors would do nearly the same. If you have insurance you cant be covered without some type of inspection agreement I would have to get certain information from the client to execute it. So I would need to get the inspection agreement before we could move on to the other stuff. Just my take on it I cautious like that.

Kevin also has a point...
If you submit the property, put it under the agent's name with the property address. A phone number is needed for the Concierge as well as an email. She can always opt out of the Concierge call and unsubscribe from the RecallTrak monthly newsletters. It won't effect your pricing. If you submit the property for all the services, the clients will be eligible for the 18-month Extended Warranty as well.

It happens fairly often. You get clients that are older, not tech savvy, don't have an email address, or something like that.

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