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Messages posted by: Cathy Schmidt
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Excellent questions. I especially like the last two and would be interested in their responses. FYI, we usually do have to ask somewhere in the conversation if they are working with another agent or not. We are not allowed to overstep our boundaries and disrespect our fellow Realtors. I know some do it, but we don't like it!
Saw you in KC today and I can't wait to do this tomorrow! Thanks for all your information and input. I grabbed a handful of your books to give to my agent friends. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You were great!
In America the real estate agent gets paid after the property closes. In the midwest US the going rate right now is 6% total. 3% for the buyers agent and 3% for the listing agent.
I am a 13 year Realtor. It isn't always about cost, because you usually get what you paid for. I have seen a lot of inspectors in my time....some which scared me to death. I honestly thought I was going to get pulled into a lawsuit once because one did such a terrible job. I was fairly new and he came to our office a lot and gave us information. The buyer called me to give me a heads up. They didn't want to involve me, but since I recommended him they said they might have to. I called the inspector and he said....so what. Well, that response made me never use him again.

Inspections for buyers are a big deal. A real big deal. They are trusting that inspector with their future.

Here is what I look for...

1. I don't want someone who isn't out to scare anyone but tell the truth. That is what they pay you for.
2. Detailed reports with pictures really help. At the front, give a summary page which points out the major issues.
3. Allow the buyer to follow you during the inspection and ask questions. Never look down on the buyer.
4. I like it when the inspector tells the buyer that if they have any questions to feel free to call.
5. Warranties.
6. Quality
7. Quick reports
8. Quality people to work with you: radon, pest, etc.

I will speak as an agent. I eat your candy. I see the bowl and I grab something. Do I ever look to see who it is from? Hardly. Sorry. Agents will eat anything, but just bringing candy in won't earn me your business. Crown Inspections in Kansas City gives my clients services they can use. My job is to make clients happy. They want good service from everyone involved in their transaction. Happy clients=happy Realtor!
I have had sellers who actually did this! I didn't know until it was all over and done, but I was not happy. I tell them how would you feel if the seller of your house did that???
Nothing will take the place of an inspector actually getting up on the roof. If the weather is bad and the inspection period is running out then maybe a drone could be used. Let's keep in mind that we are to do what is best....for our client.
I heard you speak today in KC and I really learned a lot. You made me think, which is good! I thought I was protecting myself. You made some great points. I told you I would use this!
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