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Messages posted by: MCzajka
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In Texas? There are brown recluse spiders everywhere there - and I mean everywhere! And some black widows too. Everything you look behind could be the last thing you ever care to look behind. Just saying.
I thank the realtor for offering me names of inspectors. Those are the ones I WON'T use! Conflict of interest. Clear & simple. She's licking her chops for that commission. "Closing is just Mmmm! a few weeks away!" Last thing she wants is "no sale! Inspection didn't go well."
If you're going to inspect a home for me, you'll need to first show no realtor affiliations of any kind. Then, you must be willing to scramble up through a scuttle and inspect the roof from the inside - right to the eaves. Spiders or not. And are there wasps up there or evidence of critters getting in. That's just for starters. I "pre-inspect." Miss something? Very embarrassing. I'm not so interested in how glitzy you report your findings, or how fastt - I'm interested in what you find - or not find.
HomeWorkz inspectors wrote:Its not about the candy. It gives me an excuse to walk into some of the largest real estate offices every week, walk right by the gate keeper and meet new realtors and visit with the ones I already know.

Great! I always ask the realtor selling the house I intend to purchase "can you recommend me an inspector?" Easy schmeasy. THOSE ARE THE ONES I WON"T USE! Cuts down on my search. Realtor smelling a commission? Yeah, right. I'm gonna let you tell me who to hire to inspect the place.
HomeInspectorHere wrote:Hi, I want to send agents who have used us a hand written thank you note but I don't know what to say!

They legally are not allowed to recommend us, so I cant say thanks for recommending me.

I was thinking something like this and would love some feedback!!

Hi ____ Thank you for being so easy to work with at the inspection on 123 main st. I look forward to working with me in the future.


Thanks everyone in advance


Legal or not...It's a conflict of interest. I deliberately look for inspectors outside the realtor's range of "influence." Thanks for the post, though. Always good to know who's in cahoots with the realtors - i.e., who to avoid.
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