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One never knows what may be lingering in the air. Testing and the resulting lab report is the only means to know. We have seen very clean homes with no obvious issues show a high spore count. We happily can come and test.
You were doing it Dom and got out? Care to elaborate?

I am just going through coursework and getting up to speed to begin to test for mold, of course using InspectorLab. My question is do you all simply provide the InspectorLab report as your findings or are you all doing a separate mold report? I can see that a test conducted during a home inspection is basically a moisture/mold/structure/conducive condition assessment so there is likely not much need for anything other than the lab report+the home inspection report.

Curious what everyone is doing on a stand alone inspection and subsequent report? I know some independent software on the market has subset reports for mold but as I am part of a franchise so we don't have a pre-built in "mold" section or option to produce just a mold test. Any tips/input would be appreciated as I get this off the ground as a service.
Sweet! I love these tools work great and that little flashlight has come in handy!
Very to the point and drives home the need to look to do more for their clients, great chapter!
I would enjoy prices skyrocketing for what we all do! While I have always increased prices every year, I feel that we offer so much more value in the home buying process that we should all be at $1000 for the inspection, but understand the market does not support this "dream". I see many have talked about on-site reporting, and while our market in the Seattle area is hot, I still don't have much demand or request for immediate reporting. If anything, the buyer just takes note of the review and completes their response based on those items, and I still email it off in the evening. Rushing only leads to mistakes IMHO.

I love all the technology so I know I am excited to see where this goes in the next 10 years. Washington is a licensed state, which helps us here and I would like to see licensing Nationwide, it helps with pricing and keeping all the yahoos from deciding overnight they want to be an inspector.
I also use these great RWS products in my business and just this year we have picked up 9 new agents simply because our USP's were better and provided value to their clients. Much thanks to Nathan and team, they are always available and responsive. Not all companies are in it to help the little guys, we appreciate it!
I love the FLIR TG165, great portable product perfect for quick inspections of the electrical panel or a baseboard, among other uses. I prefer to pull this out first before our larger more expensive cameras as this can see a problem area, just not as clear. Highly recommend!
Ok thanks Nathan, glad it goes by the address as you are right no one is going to tell us. We had quite a few agents switch to mostly listing agents when the market picked up last year and packaging your services is attractive to a selling agent I have found a few that use us for listing with the bundle, it adds value and gives buyers a warm fuzzy too.
Appreciate the offer and thanks Nathan, but I barely have time to log in here and post every week, which is NOT a complaint, things are hoping! I will leave it to the pros. Is the XL edition going to be the next version or just a larger book?
Do we log in and change it or do the sellers log in and change it to the buyers??
Got back from a business conference and mine was in the mail, appreciate the sample and look forward to my order arriving.

I like the format and layout, although I would have liked to see more photos in some areas Nathan. While many people do understand what and where things are and what is being talked about, many first time buyers may not and most people are visual learners if that makes sense. For example, in the water heater section pages 33-40 there is only one photo. A general overview photo with the components would probably suffice showing a typical anode, and T&P valve. I know pictures take up space and may add pages and costs, but just my feedback.
Doug is great, interesting path that led him into inspections as well. Will be seeing him walk across the WIN stage in a few weeks at our conference, a well deserved success for him, now onto 500!
You don't see a monetary "return" in the sense of a percentage or shares no. You contribute basically as a donation, and in the case of this coffee maker, if you kick in enough you get a free machine if the thing gets off the ground. It's just crowd funding, like picking up the phone and giving to PBS, except it's not tax deductible. Kickstarter makes money on a fee for each donation, someone is getting paid!
With the new FLIR Lepton imagers costs will keep coming down, you may be right Philo and soon many clients will pull one out of their pockets.
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