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Thankfully we offer the RWS warranties that actually cover issues instead of looking for an excuse not to cover them.


Here's some thermal images from yesterday near San Antonio, TX showing some massive water intrusion in the ceiling of a home.
I have a feeling after all the snow and freezing temperatures and frozen pipes in the San Antonio area, that we will be very busy with mold testing over the next month or two. Hopefully people are able to get their burst pipes fixed before they cause too much damage, but we are ready for the mold testing rush.
Thank you Nathan!

We are all set up and ready to perform sewer camera inspections as well as septic tank locating in the San Antonio, TX and hill country area.
Once you get the right training and learn how to use a thermal imager, you'll see the value added. Yes, you do still need to confirm moisture with a moisture meter, but the first time you find a leak with thermal that hasn't stained the ceiling yet, you'll see the value. Or maybe it's the HVAC register covered over by drywall that is completely invisible to the naked eye, but stands out like a sore thumb on thermal. Thermal is not the end all solution, but with proper training, it is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal. Get the right training, and then get a good camera.
It would be great if we could predict what would break in a house and when, but since we can't, offering warranties with every inspections is the next best thing.
Thankfully this is not a problem we have to deal with in Texas. On the very rare occasions it does snow, Texas just shuts down until it melts.
All of our inspectors are Certified Inspection Experts.
The best referrals we get are the agents that used us on their own home, or for their own family members.
We've been called in a few times for VOC testing, especially when mold testing doesn't show anything and the homeowners are experiencing health issues that get worse at home. We normally find that there is hidden mold or some other chemical issue in the house.
Thankfully here in South Texas we can test the AC without too much concern all year.
Check out this article on mistakes not to make during the home inspection. By the way, I'm not the one that said don't pester, ask me any questions you have. It's your time to learn about the house you are about to buy!
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