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Messages posted by: Stephen789
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Excellent post and well stated. There's a lot of fear-mongering out there.
The inspector observed significant rusting of the gas pipe that is partially buried under the living room. The
inspector recommends repair/painting or replacement as directed.

Today's standards required in my state gas piping under ground or in the dirt to be in a protective sleeve or protected from corrosion. This one was not and rusting a lot, since I can't observe what it looks like that's buried I wrote it up. I'm wondering if I should have explained more about it or wrote it differently. I may be over thinking this, it was not leaking at the time of inspection. But in my mind, no one is going into a tight crawl to check for leaks in the future.

The standard I reference states protect piping subject to corrosion from soil or moisture. Code check 2nd edition, 2009 page 98
Congratulations, that's big and important news!
Mike Casey wrote:Once any insulation is wet generally it should be replaced. I'd note the defect and let a HVAC tech make the call.

Thank you Mike, see you in Vegas.
In a recent inspection, I observed soggy flex duct due to elevated moisture in the crawl space, not flooding conditions. The crawl space has a medium amount of mold growing on the floor joist and sub flooring. This was a vented crawl space that someone forgot to open the vents to the crawl space. This was missing a vapor barrier over 50% as well. This created rain like conditions in the crawl space. Should the flex duct be replace or can the crawl space be dried and flex duct be dried out? In this crawl space I located about 5 ducts that were soggy and hanging down. My other question is, once the flex duct insulation is soaked, does this create conditions inside the flex duct conducive to mold growths?
Good post, good example why professionals should be used as well.
Did a new construction and observed a supply in 1 small closet and none for 3 others that were larger walk-in closets. I've been researching my books but don't see if it is required to have them in closets or if it's by sq footage in a room. Does anybody have a reference? I couldn't find a building reference, I did see that habitable rooms should have a heating/cooling source. I referred this back to the builder for verification of supply sources. The other new construction developments in my area have them in the closets as well.

Thank you in advance.
I have this bad habit of overthinking things sometimes. Maybe it's good sometimes, but thank you for the response, I've been of the same opinion.
What is the difference between a pier or a column?

From my research it seems the terms are used interchangeable in many instances. It appears that piers are usually round why columns are stacked. Hence the lally columns. But pier and beam construction seems to include stacked concrete blocks? My Carson Dunlop picture shows them as columns as well.

The foundations are referred to as pier and beam construction. any supporting links would be good.
Nathan wrote:
Stephen789 wrote:Is there anything we need to do to utilize the logo?

Yes. Utilize at least one per inspection service. You will find all of the marketing resources in your resources section at http://www.recallchek.com

Got it, thank you!
Is there anything we need to do to utilize the logo?
Looking for a resource to report on corrosion, if anyone has one? How much corrosion is OK? Should all corrosion be replaced? What resource can research to learn more about it.
Thank you.
I could not find in the instruction manual for an HE furnace for fresh air intake and distance to a water heater in a shared place. Does someone have a reference?
I've been reading through ASHI, NACHI and my State SOP IN. I don't see where you are required to report on the lack of a supply to a room. I know they can come back on you for it if you don't state it. But I'm not seeing it in either SOP? I'm turning my find of there not being one into a blog and was going to use the SOP's as a reference. "Your HI should mention based on the SOP's ..."

I do see we are to inspect the distribution system. But doesn't say a lack thereof.

Any thoughts?
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