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How long has it taken most of you to get used to a new software. I just can't seem to get my head around changing. I bought HIP at the power user conference but just can't seem to get going with it. Any suggestions.
This thread has wandered but back to delivering reports on site. Not for me on a lot of inspections. I work for a lot of investors. Many of the properties are for section 8 housing and the properties are not in the best of neighborhoods. I don't carry a lot of technology with me into these neighborhoods. There's no way to leave a computer set up in a vehicle. I would get cleaned out weekly.

Many inspectors refuse to go into parts of Chicago I go into. They would rather pass up the job. I find that if you treat people right, your welcome in every part of Chicago. I get to inspect some amazing architecture too.
I've used Home Gauge since I started in 2008. It took some time to get used to it. They don't seem to come near Chicago with any of their training.
I don't like that I would have to pay for their cloud services just to propagate the client info into ISN. I've never used their online services. I always delivered reports directly to the client in a PDF. Now I use ISN. I never knew what I was missing.
I don't need their scheduling services or delivery with ISN.
I think thats the way of the future. You can't be everything in the report writing software. Let the ISN pros integrate the other services and just be the best report writing software.
I make a reasonable effort to access the panel, but if they have installed shelving or in some cases they built a wall around it and block the screws, I simply take a picture and report it. I site clearance requirements and leave it at that.
I think technology is great, but its not everything. I may deliver reports on site in the future but not right now. I have a speak before engaging the brain problem, there fore it's best to have every report proofed.

I hope we see the industry move to be more professional. We need to raise the standards for inspectors. I was asked to review a report from another inspector. He had been in the business for eight years. It was painful to read the report. There were very few complete sentences. Many of the items marked for repair were there simply because the house was 60 years old. I don't mean GFCI's and the like, I mean structural items that met code 60 years ago. It' right to report it if its a safety issue, but not just because it doesn't meet current standards.

Im tired of realtors saying you have to find enough stuff to justify your fee. Hell if I can let someone know they have made a good choice in a home then I am happy and I think giving a client some piece of mind justifies my fee.

A considerable amount of my business is 2 to 4 flats. I start at my single family home price and add $100 ver each additional unit up to 4. Generally each unit has a heating plant, stove refrigerator and range hood. There are typically water heaters for each in the basement.
You only have one exterior and one roof.
After 4 units I charge $60 for each additional unit. Most buildings over four units have a single boiler and one maybe two commercial water heaters. It worked well for me. I thin we I will actually raise my prices this year.
A considerable amount of my business is 2 to 4 unit buildings. I start with my single family price and add $100 an apartment. You are doing multiple appliances and often heating systems in 4 and under buildings. After 4 units it $60 a unit. Generally after 4 there is a single boiler and these buildings often have only a stove and refrigerator per unit.
It's worked for me and actually I think we are going to raise prices this year.
I can't wait for September. Last year was my first Power user Conference and I learned so much about marketing and growing my business. I signed up and paid already. Nathan thanks for the discount for the products I already use.
I've had repeats too. The previous inspection was done for a different client so that was their report and the information in it belongs to them. The second time was a new client so therefore a whole new report. You can be surprised by what you missed or what the seller has attempted to repair since the last deal fell through.
I may save a little time on the second inspection but I still have to perform the entire inspection. Full fee.
Great job. My order for 100 Ultimate Home Books just arrived. They are spectacular. I'm going to hand deliver some of them tomorrow,. Thanks for all you do to support there community.
Hey I hear Bacon Fest is this weekend in Indy. Im heading down tomorrow evening.
Hey guys g here to try and win one. http://win.cameragiveaways.com/c/sjfjoe11
I inspect a lot of 100 year plus homes. Often these are recent rehabs and many contractors never bother to change the basement stairs. They can't figure out how. It doesn't matter to me, I report the safety issues. It's up to them to figure out how to make it work. My client needs to know what dangers may exist. Many of these are investment properties so I call out all safety issues. I don't need a tenant getting hurt and then my client and possibly myself getting dragged into court.

I try to protect my client and myself.
Does anyone know if Chicago has a code addressing egress windows for rehabs. I know the older buildings never had a requirement, but what about a rehab. This last one had all glass block windows and they put basically put a master bedroom suite in the basement.

Count me in. I just got into this so as soon as I get the kit i ordered at Power User Im in. It shouldn't be hard to get up to speed. Chicagoland should have a lot of opportunity.
The standards are a list we give the client as a marketing tool. I send them out to every client. Then I explain they are the minimum required by all licensed inspectors in the state, but that we exceed the standards. It's why your in good hands using Sabatino Consulting. Bottom line i'm not there to tell them the carpet is stained, or that the door knob is loose. I have them follow me and mention some of that , but I let them know many of those things will not appear in the report. The report is for those things that are actionable and are not simple maintenance.
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