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Messages posted by: John Villella
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You lost me on your last post from page 1. After the double tap is corrected it's still considered improper? You got me rubbing my head trying to figure out where you're going with this one.

After I posted this I continued on reading the thread - lol.

No problem Isaacq...we have to thank Russell Ray for his input. I've made a change in this comment from what he posted.
Well, I'm out if you can't play with it during rain or snow...that's all it does for 9 months out of the year...and the other 3 months are windy....lol.

I'm still going to get one...way too much fun to pass up.
Nathan - yes this is one of the longest comments in our software system.

Thanks Photographic Art - I'm going to make a few changes in my comment based on your feedback. Good info...thanks.

OK...here you go -

[[ISSUES]]The breaker(s) at the main electric panel at the basement has <<number>> double taps present. This is considered improper until corrected.

I'm not sure what else you would want to say in the report. It's short and it's simple, but I'm always willing to listen to what others have to say.
Kevin - post a photo of the copter. This is a great idea.....

I can see it now....CEU classes on proper flying practices for your quad copter...lol.
[[NO EQ GROUND]] "Three-prong" outlets tested not grounded (no equipment ground) at <<room location>>. This is a common problem in a home of this age when 2-wire Romex is present and when 2-prong outlets were replaced with the current 3-prong outlet. Rewiring the home is not needed, it is just not practical. There are several ways to correct this problem. The easiest is to install a GFCI receptacle. The NEC requires that three prong receptacles without an equipment ground that are protected by a GFCI must be labeled as such and any receptacle downstream of the GFCI. The lack of an equipment ground can cause damage to electronic equipment. A qualified electrician should always provide additional information to you and complete the repairs that involve wiring.

Will this help........this is what we use and seems to explain the issue and best of all 99% of the time is not a requested repair for the buyer, which makes my agents happy.
I use to send water sample to other labs, but found it was a problem keeping the water cold during shipping. Even using the provided shipping container and ice block from the lab the water would sometimes arrive to the lab above the required temperature. I ended up locating a local lab for water testing and it's worked much better.
I just took a look around this forum and the topics. This is going to be a very nice.
This will be a nice place for information to be shared. Great idea Nathan.
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