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I do blower door testing here in Philadelphia and when they fail I'll bring out the thermal imager and show them what they did wrong. I also get calls from home owners with cold drafts or high energy consumption and I recommend the blower door test with the thermal imager. It's really cool when you depressurize the house the new air leaks more forcefully and you can actually feel it with you hand. Usual spots are windows and trim that are unchalked and missing insulation. I charge $390 give a report and the are very happy with the service. It's a great home energy audit.
stephenseric13 wrote:Are you looking for an affordable, reliable thermal imager or Flir to use at work? Visit http://www.thermalcameras.guide/ to read our buying guide & review of the best Thermal Cameras sale today & Find the right Thermal Camera according to your need.

I'm pretty sure your not supposed to market services here unless you are a paid member.
Bensoelberg wrote:Wow. This was a long time ago. I've learned a lot since I initially asked this question. My original assumption was wrong, but now I do offer HVAC system efficiency testing as an additional service, if clients want it.

BTW Orirosen, an easier way to pinpoint which duct run is leaking is to use vent cap duct covers. Get an extra and drill a small hole that you can add a second static pressure probe to. Pressurize the ducts to 25 pascals like during a standard test. Then with your extra cover, go to each register and replace the cover with the one with the test probe attached. If the pressure is still 25 pascals, that duct run is fine. When you find a register that the pressure is less than 25 pascals, that is the duct run that is leaking. Hope that helps!


I do these Duct Leakage Tests as well but I never thought of that idea. Seems to me the fan on the duct blaster is much smaller then a air handler. Some times when issue arise I pressurize the ducts and am pretty good at finding the air leaks but I have to really cranck up the fan on the duct blaster. Now when drywall is up that another story.

I get people here and there call me with cold drafts uncomfortable room etc
. I recommend the blower door test with a thermal imager. Once you depressurize the house with the blower door the air enters more forcefully
I'll walk around with the thermal imager find the issues and provide a written report. They are generally very happy with the service. The cost is $390

I think it's actually really useful for the customer.
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