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Messages posted by: Greg Pownall
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I'm 30 year Realtor, 5 year inspecting in Florida, ( sold business in January ).
But I would agree with Brandon's post, he's dead on. Some 1 on 1 as Chad suggest is always beneficial.
I'm on both sides of the fence and I know you cannot trump experience.
Nate: Can you whip one up for Realtors too ??
Where can I find brochures for both ?
I found a pdf Home Warranty on the RWS site, but not the 5 year roof though....
I just last week implemented exactly this and all parties involved were ecstatic including myself.
I listed a property, performed a Pre-List for my Seller, sold the house, RWS wrote the Buyer the 18 mth/5 Year Roof Warranties.
Nice job RWS......

William's words are spot on, absorb his words.
Be careful with your emails, it's easy to spot a hungry Salesperson in any profession, even Home Inspectors....
Just show confidence, you're the Pro. Anything less and you will just be be another doughnut bringer.

One thing in your delivery content, offer and comp a few inspections. I did that 5 years ago and I can literally look back trace my work. It was a huge springboard to get tipped up and going. Before you think " I'm not doing any free work", think of your cost of doing the inspections. A little sweat equity in your business is a great investment VS spending the same $$ on candy bowls and worthless office presentations to start out.
Once you are established and have built a name, your confidence will show, you're the expert.
Then, Realtors will actually care what you have to say and view you as a credible resource and not focused on what type of doughnuts you brought for breakfast...
Have you heard any candidate in the past make China one of the main points of a campaign and how their robbing USA, which is a disgrace the imbalance and we just ignore ? Others may have said a sentence or two but they have all acted like wet washcloths and it just goes away and we still all continue to feel the effects.. I say get him in there and call his bluff. We need a common sense business mentality to get the USA tipped back up again...
You cannot say Trump "supporters join them in the solution that happens to be the same solution rehashed from the last guy."
Every other candidate in the running all sound like broken record BS'ers of the past.
At least Trump has brought to light every issue people are truly passionate about that has been political correct taboos in the past.
Even if he does not get the nomination, the political correctness wall has now been dismantled a little by a non professional politician....
My hometown Wabash got pounded this last week too.
Something real has to change, and I don't mean as in "hope and change", that shit can leave us all anytime now...
The best advice is to just be happy with the software you purchase and learn it and be efficient with it. Many are good but they all have different learning curves. Don't waste your time and money bouncing from one software to another...
Any solid RE Agent will advise their Buyer to have the house inspected regardless.
William is correct, it goes beyond fiduciary responsibility and is now case law, Sellers/Agent required to disclose.
That additional clause is not necessary. It screams paranoia knowing most contracts already gives the Buyer all the rights to walk if they choose.
Maybe some states adopted contracts are more giving than others but is it really necessary ? Did you have an event that wants you to include that clause ??
Having the sign-able Inspection Agreement, the SOP we follow along with a payment gateway all on our site is the best thing we added in the past 4 years.
70% are paid before I get to the jobsite.
It's a numbers thing, no matter how good anyone is at their profession, we're all going to get them and we expect them.
Especially you with your volume. Put him to bed and move on to the people/areas worth your time..........
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