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Your plumbing traps should be preventing any sewer gasses from entering the home. Consider locating someone who can conduct a smoke test on your drain lines to see if there is a leakage of sewer gas somewhere in the pipes.

You mentioned a pump, what pump is that the sump pump? If so make that the sump pump discharge is not connected at all to the waste line. That can cause an issue especially if the sump pump lacks a backflow valve.
A single pane window with a storm window that fits tightly (preventing air loss) will work almost as well as a double pane without the concern and issue of broken seals.
Nothing illegal about it. I would look at the ethics of the agents involved. If a small agency asking for it and they "feel slimy" stay away. With larger agencies there will be a mix of course of various ethical values, most will be good. Negotiate the offer and see if it fits for your company.
Nicely written Noah.
Nice, hitting home with the warranties.
Share what that background looks like.
Sometimes people do not realize that there may be an issue until they have lived in the home for awhile. Often when we do environmental testing it is for a home owner who is having some issues. Recently we did VOC and Mold testing for a family who had a child that began to have seizures after moving into the home. We discovered high formaldehyde levels in the home and especially in that childs room.

We also did a smoke test to the sewer line for a home owner having bad odors and her feeling sick after workers did some improvements to the home. By the amount of smoke coming out from under the toilet, the wax ring is missing or barely there because there is nearly no seal there. Also the vent stack was leaking into the attic space as well.

Environmental testing is something to have done by home owners and not just home buyers.
Mike Casey wrote:That's not a flood as there's no line on the walls. It's from tank sweating due to cold water and dirt.

Nailed it!
Very nice update. Looking forward toward using them soon.
Is there a chance of being able to have two different covers? Such as if we did a radon test for another home inspection company however they did not want our home inspection company name on it, instead we use a different company that we have?
Would this be allowed by Ohio even id we are still having only licensed radon technicians set and pick up the monitors?
It will vary from company to company. Even if you are licensed there will be training to get you used to how that employer wants things done. Many companies will have you do one inspection a day in the beginning and if you are doing well enough a second and maybe even a third inspection can be added. Once again varies with the company and with the type of homes being inspected.

Pay also varies and will get better of course as your skills and speed improve to where you can do more inspections each day and able to provide mere services at each inspection.
Pay also varies expect to maybe start out at 25%-30% of the inspection fee, it goes up as you improve and get more experience. Maybe up to 40% This varies a lot.
Best response is twofold.

1. Respond with concern, stating that an issue is unusual and direct them offline for resolution/further investigation, and then

2. Be certain to have a review collecting system set up so that the negative ones get buried quickly by positive comments.
We have them and use them mainly to double check ourselves and for a second look at things.

A good way to use them is to scan the ceilings below attics and areas with plumbing to look for abnormalities in the pattern. If something pops up then it gets checked by moisture meter.

Just like a second person can look at an area and see something slightly different, so can an IR camera. An IR camera just happens to look with totally different eyes/wavelengths.
Nice job at explaining how it works. Too often we see agents trying to use past inspection reports and as a result the new buyer does not have any coverage in the event something happens. Pre listing inspections are important for sellers and listing agents to get a head start towards more money for the home. Home buyers should always get their own home inspection from a home inspection company that provides warranties. An agent that tells you all home inspectors provide the same service is missing valuable information that can be worth thousands of dollars to the new owner. Always ask the home inspection company about any warranties they provide.
Our highest ever was 196
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