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Messages posted by: jtroth
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Here is an article that is useful for this time of year. https://homeinspectionsinohio.com/i-think-theres-a-squirrel-in-my-attic-what-do-i-do/
That is very interesting. thanks for sharing that info.
Pairing the previous article with this one may be a good idea to solidify the value of paying for home inspections. https://homeinspectionsinohio.com/what-does-the-average-home-inspection-cost/

and this one here https://homeinspectionsinohio.com/the-costs-of-hiring-individual-contractors-vs-hiring-a-single-home-inspector/
With Halloween coming up here is an article to link to. https://homeinspectionsinohio.com/are-home-inspectors-deal-killers-or-nightmare-preventers/

Always get the home inspected, even if the home is new construction get the home inspected. Get it inspected before the drywall gets installed. Get it inspected before you close and then get it inspected 11 months into your first year of living there.
Looks like just a split on a trim piece and not a structural support. If that is the case then nothing to worry about. Just seal it and repaint to better protect from moisture.
However you want to search for a home inspector make certain of two things, They have lots of reviews so you can get a good feel for their reputation and ongoing quality of their home inspections and make certain they have warranties to help protect you.
The results of the tests we did for a owner of a new home 1.5 years old showed very high levels of VOC and Formaldehyde. This is a very energy efficient building that the owner lives in and has an office in, so he spends a lot of time there breathing in the chemicals floating about in his home. Indoor air quality is important and getting more know as a concern as people spend more time both living and working from home.
We were able to get the test results for the client to show the doctor during the next doctors visit.

We frequently are being contacted and scheduled to visit a home or work space to test the air for the indoor air quality. IAQ is more than just mold issues. Part of IAQ is also VOC volatile organic compounds. formaldehyde, mold, CO, CO2, Radon and humidity levels to help create a healthy environment.

A possible result of new homes being built tighter and more energy efficient is lower indoor air quality. Especially with tight energy efficient buildings.
We do commercial property inspections in Ohio. If we were closer we would definitely want to talk to you regarding this. We can do the Phase 1 inspections as well.
Thank you, we can all work on improving SEO. It is one of those things that needs consistent attention.
Your plumbing traps should be preventing any sewer gasses from entering the home. Consider locating someone who can conduct a smoke test on your drain lines to see if there is a leakage of sewer gas somewhere in the pipes.

You mentioned a pump, what pump is that the sump pump? If so make that the sump pump discharge is not connected at all to the waste line. That can cause an issue especially if the sump pump lacks a backflow valve.
A single pane window with a storm window that fits tightly (preventing air loss) will work almost as well as a double pane without the concern and issue of broken seals.
Nothing illegal about it. I would look at the ethics of the agents involved. If a small agency asking for it and they "feel slimy" stay away. With larger agencies there will be a mix of course of various ethical values, most will be good. Negotiate the offer and see if it fits for your company.
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