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Messages posted by: Andy Griffin
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They do make disposals specifically for septic systems: http://www.insinkerator.com/en-us/Household-Products/Garbage-Disposers/Pages/Septic-Assist-Disposers.aspx
Chad D wrote:At today's inspection, I checked all of the outlets and my tester showed correct polarity everywhere. When I got down to the electrical panel, I had one single tiny ground conductor out of all of the circuits. This was in a FPC panel. I went to to one outlet to see what was going on and I noticed the outlet was grounded to the metal box. There was no signs of conduit anywhere. Is this something that should be written up? If so, how should it get written up?

How I am reading this: on each circuit there is a ground running from the panel to each metal box, and the ground is tied into the metal outlet box and tied into the main panel. My WAG is that the metal frame of the outlet is touching the metal box, so it could be showing as grounded from a three prong tester.
I'll take one for Pittsburgh PA
Any sample reports out there?
Could be carpenter ants or foundation ants. What area of the country are you in?
It's counterstrike as the others have stated. Only has to be bonded at the meter in my area. All new home Builders are using this over the yellow due to the bonding issues.
They don't look too bad from here. And they look like cement asbestos shingles. Just had one this week that had more deterioration at the edges
I mainly follow this one and nachi message boards. I look at inspection news and various linkedin groups maybe about once a month. Nachi is good for quick replies because there seems to be someone on it at all hours of the day.
My real question is.....why didn't either GFCI trip when you doused the hair dryer in water! https://youtu.be/liTecu-quHo
try sikaflex: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Sikaflex-29-fl-oz-Grey-Self-Leveling-Sealant-106711/202523824
If they didnt, Try sealing the floor to wall connection first (any gap in the basement slab), and retest to see if that lowers it.
Cameron Anderson wrote:For the wall, scrape the loose paint, wire brush the white salt/mineral residue and repaint.

The fix is to go outside and determine what the water source is which caused it in the first place. Once you know what the water source is, you correct that at the exterior of the house.

Yeah, what he said.
Looks like water penetration behind drylok coating.
How old are the homes and what material is the foundation wall?
You mentioned the PLEDGE, and you became a beefstick!
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