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Messages posted by: tdb
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Thanks for the tips. As a new guy in this business, I appreciate it when veterans are generous enough with their time to offer advice. It's been a great help to me so far.
Nathan, you and I have talked on the phone and you sent me your book, which I appreciate because it's really good. I've only been at this a few months and trying to learn to be more efficient. That inspection I mentioned took unusually long because everywhere I turned something was wrong. Most of my inspections take 2.5 hours and the report 1.5 to 2 hours. But I've got to get better, I know that.
Thanks, Bobby. One more question. How much of that 2.5 hours is spent writing the report?
Bobby, do you use laptop or tablet to write report as you do inspection? I've tried that in some inspections but don't feel like it's saving much time. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I've only been at this four months.
36 pages in pdf, somewhat less in html (Home Gauge website). 72 pics in the report.
Well thanks. I feel a little better. Mine was a crawlspace.
Only 1200 ft, but in bad shape, with many things wrong. I took over 100 photos, inspection took 3 hours and report took 3 hours. Is it the house or am I just that slow? I'd like to think not.
Good info, Robert. Thanks
My understanding is if you do business (a home inspection) with a city limits, you must have a business license issued by that city, even if your operation is based in a different city. Am I wrong? I hope I am.
I'll be operating in a county with eleven different municipalities. Do you buy a license for every one of them? To do so would cost me a great deal. Thanks.
I've done email, Constant Contact, got a 25% open rate. I guess Realtor's have a comfort zone with certain Inspectors and may not have an interest in expanding options, which is understandable. In my email contact, what would be a good headline to get them to open mail and not delete? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Brackish moisture in otherwise tight crawlspace. No plumbing near this. Found in several places. I thought of critter urine, but this space is tight. All ductwork is in attic. Any ideas?
This is new construction. It has the chain type screen only. Thanks
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