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I sent my email (and also wanted Juan in the video - should we start a poll?)
A couple of pics. Should I report the popcorn peeling from the ceiling? LOL. I ended up doing a roof, termite and foundation only inspection - looked in the load center as a courtesy. No animals were present or harmed in the making of this report.
I have a winner! How about a $9000 house in Atchison, KS? It's only been vacant uh abandoned for a year. No water or gas or electric. I'll take Pete's picture of the bay with me ... it may help me get through it.
Let the good times roll! I will definitely use this, Nathan.
I think they get soooo many calls from HIs that they automatically shut down when they hear "home inspector". I have received better responses by just showing up. Even better by going to an open house, waiting for a quiet moment and introducing myself.
Did you see the NAHI article about the FAA and the difference between recreational use of drones and business use? My guess is enjoy it while you can because within a few years you'll need a license and a flight plan. The FAA has already stated that "free" pictures used for commercial interests are not "hobby" ... ask any private pilot, these guys are used to getting their way.
I agree with Leigh on this. My three biggest internet peeves:

1. a web page with no telephone number
2. a web page with no prices
3. a web page that makes me fill out a form to send an email with a question

AND any web page that asks me to update any software before I can see their stuff!!!
If it's only a single receptacle, I take a picture with my tester plugged in and give the room and location.

When the entire room is affected (just had one last week), I take a single picture and write in the report all 10 receptacles in room ____ show open ground.

I was leaving post-it notes ... until a home owner asked me to come back and remove them! I did (of course) and stopped leaving them.
I haven't been reading these posts ... caught up today. EWWWWWWWW!

I market to agents. I follow an SOP (as a minimum). I have NEVER been asked to omit a finding or change a report. Well, an agent did ask me to amend a report yesterday. He saw a minor (but reportable) issue that I had missed. I went back to the home, saw the issue, took a picture and agreed it should have been reported. I also added a note to my SOP so I won't miss that one again! So much for agents caring more about commission checks than clients.

I have only bought 6 houses in my lifetime ... so my experience is limited. I have used a buyer's agent in the last three. ALL THREE did in fact look out for my pocketbook (reference Nathan's quote "Agents are always looking out for their clients, which includes their pocketbook.") and advised me when a house was overpriced. ALL THREE strongly suggested an inspection. ALL THREE strongly suggested a home warranty. So much for agents caring more about commission checks than clients.

I have a very close friend who is an agent. He is very successful. He is also honest and professional. I take umbrage with any suggestion that he is unethical simply because he's an agent.

I met a 32 year real estate veteran a couple of weeks ago. Since I'm new to the industry, I ask dumb questions. So I asked "What do you expect from an inspector?" The answer was give me a fair and honest report. Present it in a way that doesn't make mountains out of mole hills. He concluded by telling me he would NEVER ask an inspector to omit an item. So much for agents caring more about commission checks than clients.

Are there a few bad agents out there? Probably, but the market (and the courts) will weed them out. Especially in today's digital world of Angie's List, twitter and FaceBook.

Are there a few bad home inspectors out there? Probably, but the market (and the courts) will weed them out too. Especially in today's digital world of Angie's List, twitter and FaceBook.

Why don't we agree to disagree and stop this you're a loser because you market to agents BS and the equally distasteful you're a loser because you don't?

BTW Dennis I spent quite a while reading your website (and I watched the video) before I made these comments.

Jeremiah - absolutely on-target.

Reminds me of a manager I had at Allis-Chalmers Agricultural Tractor plant years ago. He had two framed signs on his wall. The first said

"It's not what you know ... it's who you know"

and the second said

"...and it's not what they know either!"
Tried an email flyer to over 5000 agents - got 2 click through hits.

Tried a FaceBook boost to 6000 agents - got two "likes".

Visited 5 offices last Wednesday (still targeting those 10-15 agent brokers, Nathan), shook hands dropped flyers and cards. Got three inspections. The first referral call was within an hour of my visit, making it the fastest referral ever!

You can guess what I'll be doing next Wednesday!
Unbelievable! Did this guy know he was inspecting the home of a competitor?

At a minimum you should ask for compensation for the materials and time to repair.

You might also: (1) File a complaint with the better business bureau. (2) post a picture and comment to his FaceBook account (3) post a picture and comment on your FaceBook account and (4) watch for his going out of business sale (you may be able to get some gently used equipment cheap).
Will, I just applied ... so treat me right! LOL
Found this info also:

I contacted CH and they claim the CH and Bryant BR are exactly the same and interchangeable. They sent me a letter from UL dated August 11, 1998. It claims that Cutler Hammer BR breakers can be used in ANY Challenger, Westinghouse, or Bryant panelboard.

Here's a nearly complete list of "classified" breakers for anyone who hasn't seen it posted before:

Manufacturer: Replaces:

Eaton (Cutler Hammer):

Square D Homeline
Crouse-Hinds MP
Siemens Q
Murray MP
Thomas and Betts TB

Thomas and Betts:

Westinghouse BR
Challenger C
Murray MP
Siemens Q


Square D QO

These authorized replacements are UL approved and do not void the UL listing for the panel.

I worked for a major electrical supply wholeseller here in Kansas City for 12 years. Bryant was originally a Westinghouse company and was bought by Cutler-Hammer so you're correct Bryant breakers are not available.
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