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Messages posted by: Philo
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Signed, and shared. Thanks, as always!
Thanks, Stephanie! Found your Blog on Facebook. Great Stuff!
Nicely, done. Thanks, Mark!
Wow! He must be good!
Try this site:

But also see if there's a Inspector association chapter in your area.
Thanks, Brandon. Coincidentally, I have use of those tips currently.
In my market, if an inspection is scheduled more than 3 days out, the client often will call back to cancel after having found someone who can get to it faster.
My Home Inspection Reports are not promised to be "exhaustive," and likely will not find all defects. The Home Inspection is just one component of the client's due diligence efforts.
That's good, Mike C. I especially like the asking for feedback part.
I went years without a uniform... Unbelievable!
In an Inspector class last year, I wrote on the Feedback form, "...in the beginning when you tell us where the bathrooms are located, please remind students to wash their hands before returning to class." I am continually appalled at persons who don't wash their hands...
Hello, Ken.
Don't know where you are at this point. Earthquake forces induce stresses through lateral acceleration. Your rigid platform attached on three sides appears to provide for a sufficiently lateral-resistant structure. But that's all "theory." In real-life, the weak point in your structure will be at the connections, (ie how skillfully they are done.) The front girder (ledger) appears supported only at the ends, so will have to be stiff enough to resist defection/bending.
-Philo (Cal-Berkeley, School of Engrg... lol!)
Thanks, Mike. And I haven't seen one since.
Chad D wrote:How about "I look forward to working with YOU in the future". Or maybe I am looking forward to you being a part of the/our/my team as we work together in the future?

or rather, "... looking forward to partnering with you in the future."
Saw for the first time on Fri; and 2nd time on Sat. (?) Fri seller thought it was a Water Hammer thingy.
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