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Messages posted by: Pete Campbell
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SB, is your avatar a pack of rolling papers?
Actually, Europe is a very dangerous place. I've been a few times and not going back. They are now overrun with mus-shits, crime is OOC and their food and service suck. Plus, everything is waaaay expensive. Fuck that whole continent.
I bet it would be the opposite if the poll was directed toward asians. Tourists tend to go to the closest shore.
74 y.o. balding jew beats Hidebeest! Dem party is in trouble.
I'm not disappointed that you are not a felon.
An conspector in my area is a H.S. Dropout. Had to get a GED. I'm surely confident that he can analyze complex situations and compose his thoughts into legitimate commentaries.

Going back almost 40 yrs, I don't think H.S. even delved into algebra much if at all.

Just the background so many buyers should be looking for.
It has been happening all the time for me, too, Jer.

But, remember, most of the time ZLW only lists the LA sf and you need to scroll down to pick uip the garage. Even then, you don't have any of the covered porches or enclosed util rms, etc.
Yes that happened abt 45 mi south of me yest.

I am pressuring the PB Cty DA to add animal abuse charges. Think of the terror that little guy suffered being tossed like a rag doll into a filthy and disgusting FF 'restaurant'!

All the spilled grease that did not make it into people's food was on the floor, making it nearly impossible to gain a footing and make a run for the door.

and the bogus, ebonics type language I'm sure he endured from the wannabe $15/hourees must have been hard to put up with.

I know he wishes he had been hurled into a McD's in Sorryattle where many employees have been replaced by robots.

In fact, maybe this was his big chance at a great job with a bright future. Indoor work, push a few buttons, and not have to take any crap from rude, abusive and demanding customers.

Could also GROW into a combo security position to keep thugs outta the place.

Chad D wrote:
chrisusvi wrote:I have a realtor (slick talker) that's having me do a home inspection for a house he's buying. He's trying to get me to fill out a 'bank inspection report' for septic and individual water supply system. Measure the cistern size and septic size and gallons for the local government. He said I could make extra money by filling out this report for my clients as an extra fee.
The thing is that I wasn't trained to measure cistern sizes and deal with septic tanks for bank inspection reports.
Is this a potential extra income producer? Or should I steer clear of it.

It could be good extra income, but ONLY IF you get proper training. Personally, I want nothing to do with inspecting a septic system. It's one of 3 things I refuse to get training on.

What are the other two? Certainly not 'Flight' training!
Pls use the Fed's example and spend $1B to launch your non-functioning website!
An obvious exception to your subject line occurred the critical airport arrival day b4 the PUC3!
J, but WGAF if it is a bank owned house!
I actually had to politely argue to a buyer this week that I would not put mold on the house exterior in the report. This in front of her husband, her parents and both rea's.

Who cares abt mold on the outside of the house? Nothing to do with MoldSafe.
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