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Messages posted by: Jeremiah Anderson
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I have have been in places that seemingly had no mold problem, yet the air sample revealed high levels of unhealthy mold. Follow up investigation revealed mold on the underside of cardboard boxes on the concrete floor in the basement.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Hire someone to work with you while you are here. Get them trained and have them handle inspecting while you are away. It may take a while before the other person can go solo depending on the person, but eventually you will have a solid business and able to take on even more jobs with two of you splitting up while you are here.
Go Jimmy!!
You are making a lot of assumptions here, start with the simplest solution to a problem and work from there. Overthinking the obvious will only complicate things for everyone involved in the transaction.
Masonite was very common in some parts of the country. Its likely that buyers in those parts of the country wouldn't feel that the presence of Masonite in and of itself would be a problem if it was in acceptable condition.
MCzajka wrote:
HomeInspectorHere wrote:Hi, I want to send agents who have used us a hand written thank you note but I don't know what to say!

They legally are not allowed to recommend us, so I cant say thanks for recommending me.

I was thinking something like this and would love some feedback!!

Hi ____ Thank you for being so easy to work with at the inspection on 123 main st. I look forward to working with me in the future.


Thanks everyone in advance


Legal or not...It's a conflict of interest. I deliberately look for inspectors outside the realtor's range of "influence." Thanks for the post, though. Always good to know who's in cahoots with the realtors - i.e., who to avoid.

Its interesting that all of your posts on this message board contain this theme of avoiding inspectors who market to Realtors or are recommended by Realtors. You might find it interesting to learn that in a recent survey Over 70% of respondents would trust their real estate agent's recommendation regarding an inspector. You can review the results of the entire survey here http://www.nathan.tv/FindAHomeInspector

Make it about "Them". Let them know you appreciate the way they take such good care of their buyers (specific examples are helpful here), and you're glad to be a part of their Real Estate team.
Megatel Homes wrote:P. Nathan, to the extent the statements set forth in the original email which triggered your slew of targeted attacked varies from the policy we posted, yes, we retract that statement (but also note that the builder had no authority to make such statements, and was not an authorized representative of the company). As you know, however, that the statement was retracted in our original response on the Home Inspector Forum, but you chose to ignore it. The Company’s policy was made available to you and the public at large. Furthermore, you’ll note in the Facebook thread that homeowners have come forward and stated that Megatel does indeed permit home inspections. We have no issue with third party home inspectors, and we encourage our valued customers to obtain them.

We have tried to contact you multiple times via phone and also via direct message on the Home Inspector Forum. You have not responded. Instead, you have chosen to cower behind baseless, false, and defamatory attacks on the company. Strangely, you have even gone so far as to pay to promote your statements. We’re not sure why you would spend your resources in such a manner, but we applaud you for your dedication to trolling one of the top home-builders in Texas. It appears, however, based on a cursory Google search, you have a history of such tactics. We wish you the best of luck in Indiana, a state in which we do not have a presence. Should we ever choose to build in Indiana, we thank you in advance for the advertising.

Just post here, why the need for multiple attempts via phone and direct message? This is a community here, and we all would appreciate hearing/reading your response.
Juan Jimenez wrote:I don't have different comments for metal or plastic. It isn't matter of good vs. bad, it is a matter of bad vs. worse. I don't recommend a plumber, because they can't inspect it any better than I can. I just recommend considering replacement.

We just inspected a house that had PB plumbing and the buyer was a plumber. He wanted us to mention it in our report so they could use the information as leverage in negotiations. Most of the time people just keep using the PB as a way to lower the price and the house never gets new water pipe installed. I bet some houses with PB plumbing have had $ in price reductions over the years of being sold and purchased to get them completely re-piped and the money just gets pocketed, used to off set closing costs, or other things.
Clint obviously did not play nice with others in the sandbox as a child.

A discussion on marketing commercial inspections would also be helpful. Most of our current base is residential and we need to know where/how to find the commercial real estate deals. Thanks.
Mike Casey wrote:Here's an interesting one! Shower steamer unit installed outside. There was an unusual box at the exterior so I moved it and found this!

Gotta love that plumbing in warm climates.
Since NAHI is gone, do we really need to keep this topic anymore. Or maybe we do just for the memories??
Philo wrote:Been using Ladder's Little Helper for a while. At least one builder appreciated me using it. Also helps keep the ladder from sliding laterally before you can tie it off.
$36 on Amazon; a lot perhaps for "a piece of plastic." Use a painter's pole to get it up there; unless you actually use the ladder to do so.

That's pretty cool. Not many homes around here have gutters, but I have had a need for one of these and I will buy one. Thanks for sharing this.
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