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Messages posted by: Eric Gentry
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Is this a swamp cooler type system or a standard Freon type AC condenser. The "stains" are just mineral deposits on the shingle. Due to the near constant water run off from the unit, it may cause the shingles to wear out prematurely. Otherwise, no repair to the roof is recommended, its mostly just an eye sore.

The repair I would recommend is to the leaks from the cooling unit so that the run off drains through a pipe to the gutters and away from the home.

Clearly, there is still a lot of disagreement among professionals on this topic. I believe that as we inspect, it is our main duty, similar to a physician, to "Do No Harm".

In Kentuckiana (Greater Louisville area) we mostly have gas furnaces, but there are some outside the city without gas service who utilize heat pumps. For those outside with heat pumps, we always check its functionality, except the reversing valve. But for those with AC and Furnaces, until there is greater clarity and definite answers, we will only check the furnace when the outside temps are above 60'.
Great points Nathan! This is something we run into everyday that most realtors in Kentuckiana (Greater Louisville) area strongly believe. Its also a topic that is hard for us to push as home inspectors because of the obvious self interest in gaining the coveted spot. Thanks for sharing our knowledge!
The Kentuckiana (Greater Louisville) area is infamous for its allergy problems. Warmer, humid weather, lots of crawlspaces creates a great environment for allergens and other air quality problems. The biggest service we Guardian Inspections believe we can provide is protection and confidence to our clients, and if that doesn't include IAQ and mold and chemical testing, we shorting our clients. So we make a point to offer testing with every inspection at reasonable rates. Easy and quick to do. Quick and clear results from Inspectorlab, its a slam dunk.
We do the same here in Louisville, KY Liz, but just for the roof. Snow covered ground, I don't feel is as important! We also do with utilities where the BA and client understood that that they were on.

What about other items that weren't initially visible? Like attics, knee wall access, electric panels and mechanicals? If you can't get access to them or permission to access them while onsite, do you charge to return?

Its not their fault and getting money from the selling parties isn't possible, so we help keep the process moving forward for all.
Nathan wrote:Check your resources section on any of our websites! The strongest CERTIFICATION ever. Nothing else even comes close.

Please, ask me why.

I've been a part of one of the largest home inspector associations since I started in home inspections. I now hold the highest designation from that organization, but I've never had any direct interaction from any of their staff with regard to what I include in my inspection reports. And as far as I know, they have never had any direct interaction with any of my clients to follow up after the inspection to address questions or concerns.

My partnership with RWS makes me a better inspector because there is follow up. If you don't want accountability to grow and improve and ensure your clients are well cared for, don't bother any further.

However, with the accountability and interaction, we get to offer our clients a lot more protection, and that after all, is what I'm out there to do.

If you're in the Kentuckiana (Greater Louisville) area and have questions, want to get together to discuss this stuff, reach out!
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