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Messages posted by: Cameron Anderson
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Never heard of him or the conference.

I've heard of pro labs. They would have to pay me to use them.
Aside from moisture intrusion evaluations on flat roofs, what applications would this have?
Very disappointed that I can't go this year. I was hoping I could swing it but my schedule just didn't work out. I should be back in 2017 though. Looking forward to it. Have a good time guys.
Several of my competitors have already passed these courses with flying colors.
Thanks Nate.
Yes, that is the response I received as well. Just another reason Yelp sucks. They hide legitimate reviews and allow inappropriate ones to remain.
Decal/Logo ideas
I have looked around but it seems that the new Concierge service doesn't have any marketing materials just yet. I also feel like we need some more information and specifics about it. I have no idea what is said during a phone call to clients or what kind of offerings would be made to them.(I get that the offerings are different based on region, but how about a couple samples based on two cities somewhere?)

I also don't know what the official name is for the service. So to that end, I put these together as a continuation of the other decals out there for ISG products.

I would take down that response ASAP and seriously rework it. Responding with attacks does not benefit your image and if the reviewer gets his jollies off of getting you to respond, you just fed the monster.

Personally, I would write a response which questioned who the person is because your records indicate you have not performed an inspection for this individual. Then I would encourage him to contact you directly because you really want to discuss his concerns or find the correct company who performed HIS inspection. Then I would promote my company in the last few sentences of my response.

BTW, I flagged his review and sent Yelp this note: "This reviewer is not, by his own admission, a client of this company and therefore is breaking Yelp's rules by posting defamatory opinions rather than truthful reviews of services provided to him." We should all flag fake or dishonest reviews like these. If you are not a client, you have no basis on which to write a review, period.
Is warranty better than policy? Or are they somewhat synonymous in relation to these products?
When referring to the services provided by RWS in our marketing, which words are best to use or should be avoided?

Coverage, warranty, policy, insurance, etc.
I seriously don't understand this post.
I find it best to share the documentation and say very little.


Here's the video I took during the inspection of the leak at the tub. I hope this helps. Feel free to call if you have any other questions.

The NACHI message board is by and large neutral. But there are several people who drag it down regularly. The best thing to do is put five or six people on your ignore list and then proceed to enjoy the silence while getting your questions answered by the responsible and civil members.
I have had a couple of auto reverses fail on me, but never has any crumpling or direct damage to the door occurred. One time the bracket popped loose at the connection to the pull chain. Another time the chain disconnected from the motor. On that former one, the homeowner and their agent demanded I pay for the repairs. I suggested that we all should be grateful it was found during the inspection rather than when a child of the buyer was injured.

I also had a video of the door closing during the auto reverse test. I've taken videos of them for the past year. Personally, I wouldn't see this as being the inspector's fault, but there are times when it's better to write the check.
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