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Oh, and filling of the sub slab ducts due to indoor air quality concerns. That was the icing on the cake!
My sentiments exactly. I summarized it as a need for correction of drainage along the perimeter and/or installation of a perimeter sub surface drain system, installation of gutters, downspouts, all of which should be tied into the drain if installed. Also indicated if it could not properly drain by gravity to street, may require sump pump/pit to lift it to the street to storm water run off.

I know, I know, overkill, but it already had 20 perimeter piers installed in 2001. You just had to be there to see it to believe it . . .

Thank You, Mr. Thornberry!
Got a request from a lender to perform an inspection on a property they were loaning on for an investor and ran in to this. In 16 years I have never seen this. They abandon the sub slab ducting and routed ducting overhead with a new updraft furnace etc. However, the new furnace is sitting on a platform installed over the old distribution plenum in the slab for the old system. There is a sump pump installed with float routed to pump water out of the plenum from the sub slab ducting collecting at the plenum to the exterior grade!!!.

I know what I should say regarding correction of drainage, filling of ducting, etc., but did not know if anyone else has seen this in their years of inspecting. Oh, and by the way, with all the rain we have had here in Oklahoma, it was pumping water out of the plenum to grade pretty steadily throughout the entire inspection.
Awesome! Count me in! Is registration open yet?
Found out from the seller, was required on their purchase inspection by the engineer. Could not get dimensional lumber of length into the attic without cutting through the roof so this was the alternative to collar ties.
Saw this in an attic the other day and have only run in to this one other time in the 16 years I have been doing this. I guess an engineer specified this. Cables run from opposing rafters through the attic v. collar ties. Of course we never see the collar ties at the proper placement height, but did not know if any one else had run in to this and could further enlighten as to why they did this versus installing collar ties to minimize rafter thrust?
We have a home inspector instructor here who tells students he takes over 200-400! I say, it's not a photo shoot. If nothing can be gained or greater explained with a photo, it's not necessary. CYA is a personal choice.
Where do we need to go to register? The Power User website? Definitely going to be an annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis.
Considering adding IFR this year. Any info on pricing and marketing in your markets would be greatly appreciated.
Quick questions to all takers, in Bartlesville, OK we see the low volt DC transformer for the doorbell installed inside the breaker panel enclosure, usually double tapped into one of the 20 amp breakers near the bottom of the panel. When we contacted the city code enforcement official, he indicated that this is an exception in their jurisdiction. I usually catch flack from the seller when i write it up and the electrician comes and says it is an exception.

Anybody else have this "exception" in your area, and if so, how are you handling the push back?
For those of you who are providing alarm inspections through ISG, suggestions of current pricing you are charging when conducted with a full inspection would be appreciated. Just looking for some feedback since several of the alarm companies in our market do if for free to get the opportunity to monitor.
Loved this. Thinking I might have to "steal" this idea from you. Is there a particular movie maker software you used for this? Nicely done!
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