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I believe like Nathan said it is important to get a professional mold test. Tri County Home Inspection uses InspectorLab and have had great success. Turnaround times are fast and the InspectorLab reports are very easy for home buyers as well as real estate agents to read. Our only issue has been the delivery delay by USPS. We have solved this by using the Fedex labels pre paid through InspectorLab. We can drop them at any Walgreens and they get delivered by noon the following day.
I’d say on average we’re between 2-12 pCi/L. Once or twice a month we’ll see a reading over 20 pCi/L.

Like I posted above, we’ve seen some pretty high readings!
Thank you for sharing this video. A very well described response to a frequently asked question.
Good Morning,

I have a bunch of Radstar RS300's I am selling. They are all around a year old. I can send them into Radstar for calibration and inspection and have Radstar ship to you. $800/Monotor calibrated, $700 not calibrated.

All units are working and currently in use with no issues.

If anyone is interested shoot me an email.

Are you sure your're not using AOL! Just kidding

I'm looking at it right now!
The page was built from the ground up with SEO optimization our #1 goal. We are the #1 Google search in our target areas. We are always updating and our online contact leads have paid for the site in 7 months and the site wasn't cheep.

It's difficult to track exactly how much $ we are making from the site because as we gain market share the "web leads" turn into agent referrals. So an agent who's client find us online will likely use us in the future. Plus, when agents give out 3 inspection companies it is nice when the client searches to see us sitting #1 on their search as well as in Google+ reviews.

Out site has changed quite a bit over the last 6 months and I'm not sure a copy and paste template put together in 20 min would generate the SEO rankings we are currently enjoying.

Google Waukesha Home Inspection, Lake Geneva Home Inspection. Two of our large markets we have held a #1 ranking in now for over 6 months!

Thanks everyone, we were able to do some fine tuning over the last few days and we think everything is wOrked out.

I designed my last page and could never get the SEO I wanted in my area. I hired a marketing firm that did SEO research in my market and area and designed the page to specify get me to the top. The company is the same firm that designed several professional sports team pages and large companies. It took a 3 months from initial contact until launch.

My goal is expansion and I knew I needed to up my weep presence to be a top player in this area and move into other markets in the near future.

After reading Nathan's last book a fire was lit and I'm going with it!!!
Yes, we have to pass the National Exam and the State of Wisconsin exam. So we have National and State certification.

The state audits us as well which is always a joy!

Hello Everyone,

I just launched my new website today after working on it for 3 months.

I was wondering if you could please give me your honest feedback as I would like to make any changes or improvements ASAP. Sometimes you miss things that are clear as day when you are working on it so long!

Thank you in advance.

From what you stated I would charge $100/hr and a set travel fee per inspection. I would set up a contract and bill per 1/4 hour for all communications and administrative paperwork just like an attorney would.

I use square. I ditched the bank credit card processing last year due to high fees. Square was incredibly easy to set up and just as easy to use through an app on your phone with a free card reader. They will send you as many as you want for free. You can also just punch the # in if the client is not going to be at the inspection.

I think this summer I will require payment be made via credit card prior to inspection for all inspections being conducted by my inspectors. Dealing with cash and checks is a pain and I will gladly give up 2-4% not to have to have to deal with them.
Thanks guys. I'm going to go take a look tomorrow.
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