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Wow. This was a long time ago. I've learned a lot since I initially asked this question. My original assumption was wrong, but now I do offer HVAC system efficiency testing as an additional service, if clients want it.

BTW Orirosen, an easier way to pinpoint which duct run is leaking is to use vent cap duct covers. Get an extra and drill a small hole that you can add a second static pressure probe to. Pressurize the ducts to 25 pascals like during a standard test. Then with your extra cover, go to each register and replace the cover with the one with the test probe attached. If the pressure is still 25 pascals, that duct run is fine. When you find a register that the pressure is less than 25 pascals, that is the duct run that is leaking. Hope that helps!

I need a new one of these anyway?
I honestly can't think of any con to having a CO detector in your home. It is a cheap, simple thing to install, and could potentially save your life.
I know that I can get custom buyer's guides, but can I get some generic ones and copies of the disclosure agreement for offices?
Is it wrong that I really want to have a doomsday bunker? I don't think the world is going to end or that the zombies are coming, I just want a secret place where I can go to hangout where no one can find me.
Here's mine.
SheehanThomson wrote: This recount is taking longer than the 2000 presidential election

Recounts, 2000 election, hanging chad...

Chad. Chad Hett wins. Sorry everybody else.
William Chandler wrote:

Nope but thanks for alerting me. Are you kidding me? Chimney sweeps have different levels of inspection? I thought they showed up in hearses with top hats and basically cleaned the darn thing.

Do they still sing and dance though?
I really hope that you guys can come to an agreement and figure out a way to integrate RecallChek with them. I really like their software, and my agents and clients like it also.
TPP = Termite protection plan
RPP = Radon protection plan
SG = SewerGard
MS = Mold Safe
UWC = Ultimate Website Creator
ED = Economical Domains
3DSR = 3 Days of Secrets Revealed
PUC = Power User Conference
MIC = Millionaire Inspector Community
UIC = Ultimate Inspection Conference
PRPP = Platinum Roof Protection Plan
RWS = Residential Warranty Services
TOP3 = Total Online Presence 3.0
OMC = Original Man Candle
ISG = Inspector Services Group
RC = RecallChek
PNT = Phillip Nathan Thornberry
ASHI = American Society of Home Inspectors
NACHI = National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
NAR = National Association of Realtors
ICTR = Inspection Contract Received
PTG = Property Time Good
PTNG = Property Time Not Good
HOR = Home Owners Resource
FC = Full Concierge
I use a crawlbot and a thermal camera, but it's not a super nice one. I'll still help any way that I can.
This is a bit of loaded question. The tools of the trade have changed. Many of the old school crowd will say that all you need is your eyes, a flashlight, and a camera. The idea is that the most important tool is the one between your ears. That's true, but it doesn't really answer your question.

Tools I use on every inspection: (most of these do not need to be super expensive, top of the line tools. Save money for stuff that matters. A cheap screwdriver is fine)
Phone - This is the most important tool in my bag. I use it to write my reports, take all photos and videos, google stuff that I have questions about, etc.
Ladder - 17' little giant style ladder
Screwdriver - I carry a screwdriver with interchangeable bits. I use a flathead, #2 philips, square drive, and 5/16 nut driver bits.
Electrical circuit tester - I have one with the GFCI test button and one without
Non-contact voltage detector
Flashlight - I prefer a really strong, really small light. It fits better in my bag, and pocket.
Moisture meter - I have an Extech MO230, but lately I've been using the Ryobi Phoneworks moisture meter because I can take photos with it and the results are embedded in the photo
Hiking pole - I use this to prod fascia/posts, siding, etc for wood rot.
IR Thermometer - Again, Ryobi Phoneworks for the same reasons as above

Other tools that I carry and use frequently:
Small pry bar
Tape measure
Scratch awl - I dulled the tip a bit on my grinding wheel so I can still prod with it, but it doesn't do damage
Gloves - I use the cloth gloves with the rubber coating on the palms and fingers
Utility knife
2 inch hard rubber ball
2 lead electrical tester
4 foot level
Impact driver

Other tools that I have and use, but aren't crucial:
Krawlgear/elbow pads
Clamp on volt meter
Flir One
Smoke pen/lighter
Combustible gas sniffer
24' extension ladder

IOS app development and acceptance into the Apple store is pretty expensive, isn't it? Did you do it yourself?
That was an impressive use of euphemisms.
I filled out the registration form online, but haven't heard anything from you guys. Am I confirmed for Saturday? (I hope so, cause I already got a flight and a room.)
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