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Messages posted by: mikeauger
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mikeauger wrote:
TriCounty wrote:
MichaelCfffg wrote:I'm in the St. Louis, Mo. area, and most of the inspectors I'm aware of through our ASHI chapter use what I use, the Sun Nuclear Model 1027. They're relatively inexpensive, they're accurate, and they're very easy to use. I wouldn't consider anything else. JMHO

Look at the RadStar 300

I like the reporting and ease of use over the 1027. I sold my 1027's and switched to the 300's

I have 5 of them.

update: I have 10 now...
I like it, looks nice
protectinspect wrote:Hello,

I'm looking for a decent laser pointer to use on inspections. I'm trying to find one that works in daylight and on surfaces such as cladding, or brick or roofs.

I've tried a few cheap ones and the beams don't always show up, especially on exterior and in daylight.

Wondering if anyone uses one that they know works well.


Tim Zenobia
Protect Inspect

You'll likely find they don't come out well in photos, have you tried just drawing or dropping an arrow graphic over the picture in your report?
My guy (w-2) does not inspect on his own, ever, so its my inspection, my report anyway.

I do supply the uniform shirt, rain jacket, and winter jacket, and he buys his own uniform pants.
William Chandler wrote:Excerpt from an old home inspector...

What the associations and home inspector training schools DON'T tell new, prospective inspectors:
a. Most of you will fail.
b. Most of you don't know anything and we aren't going to teach you anything either.
c. You will not make $86k your first year in business.
d. You will invest $100k before your business takes off and that is if you actually have real qualifications and don't PO a bunch of people.
e. You have at least five competitors in your neighborhood, dozens in your city and hundreds in your geographical area.
f. We will do everything in our power to attract new competitors to your area because we sell memberships and training - and we are really good at marketing.
g. You are in the re-assurance business and everything you do relates to your ability to reassure buyers and realtors their decision to work with you was the best decision "they" made. If your bedside manner sucks, nobody cares how "qualified" you are. If you're unprepared to perform the actual work, i.e., you lack tools, training, knowledge and you are focusing all your time on sales vs. developing your templates, report presentations, you will lose that realtor after the first referral and you will never, ever, get them back - or, the six realtors they advised to stay away from you.
h. Most of you should seek a job with a proven inspection firm and learn the trade rather than screw up your local reputation and ruin any chance of getting an inspector job. Of course you can always move away.

My business is successful, but I never would have thought all that stuff was true, reading it after 9 years in... it IS true.
$86 K, that was not until like year 4-5...
Just bought a $52,000 vehicle, spent $9000 to customize... Ive passed $100k in investment for sure...
Nathan wrote:We sent out thousands of them and have been getting a lot of good feedback.

The next print comes out in the winter, post any suggested improvements here!

LOL, I received it, my kid cut it up for a school project of some kind, I guess it had good pictures for her, she got an A...I never even opened it, went from my desk to her room, and gone. Looking forward to the next issue...
I have one guy, and he's paid on w-2. Regualr payroll.

Easier and safer for both of us, safer for me in an audit, safer for him because he's contributing to unemployment and SS if he gets fired, not that he will likely get fired, he more than pays for his wages.
just bought a 2016, Mercedes Sprinter 4wd. Getting it fitted up with a power inverter, custom interior cargo area and a vehicle wrap... i'll post pics when its in, probably a couple weeks. Interior stuff is next week, wrap after that and after I approve a design.
I do just for water radon testing...but honestly I would go elsewhere
Probably...just one guy. I consider him a friendly competitor...Hank at Home Pro.
I do not leave stickers etc... that's what the photos and comments in the report are for...

I have had a seller call me all upset because of a sticker left on his well tank. (I didn't inspect the well, it was another guy) he called me because of my "leave behind" letter. I tild him the letter is there and its all I leave, he sounded like the well guy was getting ready to get yelled at... I don't need that drama. No stickers.
Your main thing is how you are useful to the realtor. We are a resource, we also provide faster inspections and turn around times on reports...

we all think were thorough, honest, etc...
Nathan wrote:http://gizmodo.com/what-kind-of-porn-is-most-popular-in-every-state-1761551304

That's my state, lol... we are unique all right
Nathan wrote:Just kidding

In all seriousness though, there's no joke to be made about disabilities or a loss of senses. I only made this post because of something interesting that was shared with me- another online provider just launched closed captioning for deaf inspectors. Inspectors who potentially can't hear a smoke detector, a noisy fan, a sump alarm, or...dripping water in a wall. Or the hissing of gases or air leaks.

Of course I'd rather have a deaf inspector than a blind one any day of the week, should inspectors without hearing be in the profession?

Why not, there are actually ones who can't see well, read well, write well...
chrisusvi wrote:Hi,

I'm a newbie home inspector and I am trying to create a fee structure for inspections. I think I have some fair pricing. Is there a formula or something that I can compare to or go by. My base fee is $300. Would I be better off creating a fee structure based on square footage?
Any input would be very helpful.

just call competitors to get quotes, give you an idea of your market and go from there. I started out right in the middle of the price range, now I'm near the top.
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