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Messages posted by: Michael Altizer
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Ryan Howell,

Don't believe everything you hear. I don't believe that first statement / sentence to be true, in any shape, form or way. I'm heavily medicated today because I took my morning medicine twice on accident and I could easily mouth off about people trying to give home inspectors a bad reputation. However, I'm trying to respect Mr. Thornberry, the rest of you all and his forum. I literally have 100's of friends that are Inspectors throughout the state of California and each and everyone of them inspect all items accessible under 1 of the SOP's. I am boiling hot mad right now because of uneducated trouble makers attacking our industry. Not every Inspector will walk every roof and I am one of those Inspectors. That doesn't mean that the roof doesn't get inspected, it just means I didn't traverse it and the reason stated in my report. Some Inspectors are using drones and some others choose to use a camera pole and or binoculars, etc. Inspectors who claim that they walk every roof, just haven't had a bad experience catch up with them or they are trying to be show off Heroes. I'll tell you another thing and I've stated it many times over the years: I will believe a home inspector any day over any agent, lawyer,vendor, etc. No disrespect to you, Nathan or any Inspectors but I'm disgusted to no end with numerous issues affecting our industry.
Do it and carry that torch burning bright. I'm proud of you. I agree with you and yes the roof does need to be inspected. The structure, covering, flashing, chimney, attic, etc. all need a trained eye to carefully evaluate and inform their clients. Sorry, Nathan I've gotta go ..... Autumn is playing a racing game and I need to put her to bed, it's not a school night but it's her bedtime. I do respect you, Nathan.
I agree with #'s 1 and 2 personally and I think all 3 are good for the majority of Inspectors (at least the ones at the top of their game).

See that's the P. Nathan Thornberry that I respect, because you have roots in the Inspection business and you care in your own way. I think any and all states (California, Virginia, Florida, etc.) should refrain from dictating how an inspection is to be performed.

My Meds haven't fully kicked in yet but respectfully I think this is one of your best posts in a long while (maybe even as far back as July or August of 2016). Keep up the good work Nathan.

Uh-Oh, I'm feeling a buzz that quick. I respect Nick to no end and you know that but I'm laughing about where you said you was going to tell Nick. I can't stop laughing. I don't know if it's me imaging Nick pulling up in California with blue lights flashing and him twirling a police baton, flashing his badge or is it because I'm imagining a younger Nathan tattling on the other boys.

I'm trying to behave and be respectful on your forum, I really am. This issue is serious and I'm glad that you're addressing it head on. Honestly I think you and Nick take on way too much. You both are good men with big hearts and even bigger pockets but sometimes you both forget about the little people in life. Oh well .... 1 deletes me from everything but 1 of my favorite forums and the other just doesn't talk to me anymore. No worries, I'm cool with that and when 1 door closes another 1 opens up.

I'm pretty busy Nathan but just in case I don't post for a while: Happy Easter. Safe travels and stay safe. As bad as I hate to take your advice, I'm considering taking Pete off of the top of my Facebook. Fooled You, April Fool's. No such luck. Pete and I didn't always agree on everything and you know that. He would crawl my *$$ and then some but we always made things right with each other. I know you was mad that day, because you were suffering from halt:
• Hunger
• Anger
• Loneliness
• Tired

You and I are from 2 different walks of life and we were in my opinion friends. I guess since I'm still posting on your forum, you probably had time to calm down and think before you erased me here, as well. My Meds are in full effect so I'm jumping off of here now.
I know this is going to bother you but Kevin O'Malley is a really good guy and a friend of mine. It concerns me that people that I respect to no end like: Nick Gromicko, Mike Casey and Dr. Shane, has never seen the Nathan Thornberry, that I have got to know over the years. No hard feelings on my end Nathan and I wish you continued success and safe travels.
Looking good Chad. Man you sure do offer a lot. Wishing you the best. Stay safe.
ASHI is fixing to be 1 member short.
The Nathan Therapy Group (Hmmm).
How much?
I never go anywhere, without my "HANDY DANDY" probe.
Yep, I too use the FLIR C2.
I can't wait until you poll them asking what they expect to pay for a home inspection and how long they think it should take.

Present and accounted for, Sir.
I was told that I wasn't a Certified Inspection Expert last year.
With everything that is going on in this industry, I'm just happy to be a Home Inspector.

I have probably every title and credential imaginable and they have aged me.
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