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Messages posted by: Russ Hensel
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What I do is charge about 50%-100% more than my competition. I am not even in the ball park to most of them. I want people to ask, "What the hell makes that guy think he is worth more'? I then explain to them, that there is no way I can perform a professional service, with they way I do business, have the technology, the support, the vehicles and the insurances for less.

How can these people afford to do it for their price. The way is something has to give, unless they are named "The Philanthropic Home Inspection Company".

If your decision is to find the cheapest inspection company, then we do not fit the bill. If your looking for at least THREE Florida licensed Home Inspectors to inspect your house, use thermal infrared, and we are the oldest inspection company in SW Florida while performing over one BILLION dollars worth of Real Estate this year alone.

No other company can say that. How can we inspect so much worht of Real Estate? because the discerning buyer who want the best ROI, calls us.

Get your customer to SEE VALUE...if they see COST, you LOST the job, your competition didn't win it.
Your comparing apples and oranges...

Is your lab even AIHA accredited, yet? There was a bill in Florida that mandated that an AIHA accredited lab needed to be used. I don't know if that bill ever passed. We all know you have a Phd on staff, and I personally know the previous lab that he ran was a total POS...maybe thing have changed.

I think their lab is NJ is something like a mere 140,000 Square feet. They have like 35 labs in the U.S. and 5 in Canada plus probably over 700 employees.

They are not a "mold lab". they are a full lab which includes Radon, meth, asbestos, lead, bed bugs, chinese drywall, VOC's, Odor ID and sourcing, water testing, soil testing, nicotine levels, marijuana level residue, even nutritional fact analysis on food!

So your trying to compare the two?

I am not trying to knock you, because I think your a great guy...but lets not slam people who are not here to defend themselves and be better than that or I can just hang out at the other message board and listen to this same crap.

This company was performing mold analysis over 30 years ago! They promote the industry and try to elevate it to a true profession every chance they get and are willing to help ANYONE!

So why are we knocking them? Why is this conversation even happening?

Lets be above this pettiness and keep the message board the way it was intended, for PROFESSIONAL use without all the pettiness and BS.

For those who think I use EMSL....I don't. so its not me trying to defend a company I use...it is trying to defend those who are not here to defend themselves and for the original vision of this board to continue on a truly ethical and professional path...

As far as my inspection company....I don't run around town slamming other individual companies to try and gain business. I just provide a superior service with professional people and let my reputation do the rest....
Who "qualifies" who for mold testing? There is a guy who is ill, and your defending a guy who has never performed a mold test and doesn't even have the equipment to do so...to be the "professional" for this job?

So walk me through the process of where you will take the samples...what 2-3 areas will you test? How will you perform the tests? Where will your baseline be taken at? Will you run the heat while performing the test? Will you isolate the areas indoors? How are you going to sanitize the machine before each sample? How will you calibrate before each sample? Can you test at the exterior when it is snowing? How many liters of air will you use? What sampling cassette will you use? Should you perform viable or non-viable samples? What questions will you ask the client to help you? How will you seal the cassettes to prevent cross contamination?

Just a few simple questions here to start off with...next will be to look at the report and translate it for the client...like what species of molds do what, how to they grow, what do different species tell you about what is going on with the house...

BTW...99.9% the guybhas mold spores in the house....now what?
So now we start bashing everyone else? I thought this site was above that?

So, to employ 5 Phd's 3 certified indoor environmentalists, have 40 offices and been in business since 1981...maybe they know their worth? Doing $77,000,000 a year in environmental analysis...

They gotta be doing something right..

Once again, I thought we all knew that hiring the cheapest wasn't the smartest thing to do...now we are bragging about it?

Nathan I expected more from you. EMSL has been very supportive of the Home Inspection Industry even though they cater to the more educated enviromental professional.

I do know the VP and think he is one of the nicest, kindest people and will help anyone...

My reputation cost more than $9,000 a year...keep cutting corners and keep that botton line super low....and in three years get used to saying....welcome to Arbys would you like to try our new Angus beef sandwhich....

Nathan you are more like Nick everyday...
We don't at the interior, but we do use that bright colored duct tape to mark the areas of roof leaks...man that has helped a ton. Roofers who are too damn fat and lazy to get into attics, at least now get up there and see the area of leakage. We put them in the section where the leak is, we don't necessarily go all the way to the overhang and place the tape, just in the same bay.
I don't write up cosmetics or maintenance items. If it works, it works, if it doesn't it doesn't.

If its ugly...well...its ugly, but has nothing to do with what I am there for.
How are you going to use the extra people?
even with a secretary I have an answering service. I want each and every call to be answered by a person. The call center, usually says "O Shelly handles that, and she is busy right now, but let me get your name and number and I will have her call you back. The call center then texts shelly the info.

Gotta have a live person answer the phone and call centers for roll overs are relatively cheap.
Florida is ROCKING....did 5 today and this week is super booked. Just put in a bid on the largest Condo in SW Florida....12,000 SF condo. Just shy of $14,000,000. If I get it, it will be the most expensive house in SW Florida and the Most expensive and largest condo in SW Florida....Inspected by....

Comprehensive Building Consultants.
10 machines here and going to 15 next month...I like them because of their professional standard. They are not cheap, but they are excellent machines.
Nothing. I don't cut costs and don't even think about it. I am an ass backwards kinda guy. I think, what do I need to do the job the absolute best way I can? Then I charge accordingly. You can ask any one of my employees. I ask them at least once a week, is there anything you need to perform your job better. If they need it, they get it.

We also have back ups to the back ups. We have back up vehicles even. If one breaks down, what am I suppose to say? Sorry we can reschedule for 2 weeks from now. That dog doesn't hunt here.

I have never once thought, how can I make my job more cost effective, only how can I service the client better and then charge accordingly.
Isn't this the guy who is putting the conference on?


Wow....and they ragged on me for speeding in a manatee zone!!!

Have fun in Vegas....do a lil blow and smack some women around....nice....Not for me...not the kinda guy I want to support.
This was well over the 90 day mark.

Will instead of "taking care" of these issues. How about teaching the people how to defend themselves properly. Give a man a solution he learns nothing. Teach him how to devise a solution and the lessons are life long.
Greg mold is just a pain in the butt....send them to me. I will take the burden off of your busy day...
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