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Messages posted by: jeff32@satx.rr.com
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list your statistics, i have 4 court cases right now so frankly it would be hard to believe what your selling here. I know you peddle this type marriage between the inspector and the agent but it does tie the agent and the inspector together in the courts eyes. Hey you think maybe thats why so many policies have a referral policy attached to the E&O or is that also incorrect??? lol

I cannot even begin to tell you how many court cases ive seen or been the expert in but it is a lot.
Oh its common, its also common for the agent and inspector to get sued. Only an idiot realtor would assume such liability. At least for lots of inspectors there is enough idiots to go around.
Yeah a real gray area, there has been law suites (Caldwell bankers, etc) as well as several out of court settlements in Texas over this crap. Why market to realtors??? Live by the realtor die by the realtor, you should direct market so your not dependent on someone else to supply you work.

Looks like a large number of homes in south, central Texas lol
Few other points, the sellers guy did not do an engineers report, there is no seal on the report. This is just a letter and not a report without a seal, I see this a lot. Many times when I get these in my office I call the engineer and tell him he needs to stamp it and they won't, that is not an engineers report, furthermore the code dictates with verbiage it must bear his seal.

No with reading the report read the wording, he mentions some cracking of the walls but tends to talk about vertices movement not being observed and no real vertices deflection of the foundation. Vertices deflection and horizontal deflection are 2 different things, the second engineer wrote a letter address a different issue altogether and really did nothing to disprove the 1st engineers opinion, why??? Because he was paid to address the foundation deflection and not paid to assess the foundation wall deflection. I would put the weight in the first report as being more accurate.

I don't live anywhere around your area but if you need to discuss this I am more than happy to help if you want to call.
We call those engineers whores, tons of them out there to be bought, they make their living from working for insurance companies, realtors and sellers.

Keep in mind if they failed to disclose these past reports and issues to you certainly they failed to probably disclose all the details to the second engineer as well.

Few things stood out in the 1st report I'd like to explain. 1st this engineer was hired to asses the foundation walls, he could careless if his clients bought the house or not he was their to render an opinion to the damage.

2 his report stated hollow block wall without appearant re-inforcement to sto lateral movement.

3 the cracking observed was stated from movements of soils behind said wall, this can be a common issue of unreinforced walls. Depending on Plascicity Index, liquid limits, water hydraulics behind the foundation walls and frost heav against the wall lots of strong forces applied to the wall.

The only way to prevent failure of he walls from lateral movement would be from stiffening of the walls, not sue what all he thought should be done but when there is a will there is a way. This may also be an indication of an issue with sub surface moisture behind the walls. You can look at the walls and you will probably see some deflection or inward bowing of the walls, the cracks that are visible is just become a relief joint, something had to give to prevent basically an explosion of the block materials under the thousands of pounds of pressure from the back side of the wall.

Most of the better engineers I know would discuss this in detail with you, most will charge a nominal fee but would go into detail on their opinion if you ask the right questions. If given you a starting point and talking points to discuss with him.

Mark is a great guy, super sharp minded. I referred Brenda to Mark Goodson and others after we had the Foundation come in and speak to the SATAREI members. For those not on board you better learn it CSST is the next thing you face out in the field that can bite you.
Of course this is second hand info, hopefully the agent is being factual!! I have seen these accusations before and then find out it wasn't as it was presented.
Wow Nathan, sorry but you are way off. The dye is not needed in most cases and to many people base their inspection off a die test. Let me be real clear here, if you can see dye you can smell shit and see plain old liquids.

If you run water in the system for 45 minutes hell yes you will see dye, you just flooded the system by exceeding the gallons of usage a day. I can see by numerous responses here and other forums the mass majority of you should not be doing septic inspections. I would greatly recommend before you keep flushing dye down the commode and think everything is ok you go and obtain additional licensing or certification.

Ou also stated that most of the time the system will be fine, that is inaccurate. Most of time there is issues. Digging the system is far better even if you can't get the lid off due to being stuck. I can't tell you how many times I found systems that flowed fine, no signs of leakage but with the lid stuck but dirt removed off the top effluents started leaking out around the lid but still flowed. If not dug I would not have found a problem.

Now there is nothing wrong with dye but it does sometimes stain things and I've found most home inspectors base their whole septic inspection off of the dye. I feel 90-95% of home inspectors are not qualified to conduct septic inspections. If you are gonna inspect septic stake some good certification courses and become educated on how to properly inspect the systems.
Looks like it's for the water softener
I've been inspecting skeptics for 20 yrs, I charge 175 for flow test and 500-800 to pump and inspect based on size. I sub out the pumping obviously. Most inspectors do not have a clue and get in serious trouble over septics. When I say flow test there is much more to it than just running water, the die test is for so and is useless. If you can see the dye u can smell the effluents
I work for attorneys all the time, I don't really listen to them, they listen to me. On that not its only due process once you have been served not before.

I have tons of stories, I have had them chase me 1/2 way across town before giving up. The one that tried to serve me for a year sent the deputy sheriff. I just ignored the door, the attorney called me I told him wait 2 weeks that I was out of town, I was only out of town that day so I didn't lie lol. Then he told me the sherif was serving me, I told him if his paid process servers couldn't find me did he think a government work could lol.

When I had my ranch they waited for me at the gate, I had 3 gates so I used another gate, after a week they figured this out so they posted someone at each gate so I called my neighbor and asked to use the gate between us and exit his gate. After another week they posted a 4th server at his gate, now this was tricky so I laid on the floor of my truck and my wife drove, my son followed in his truck. They followed us for 10 miles and then they must have thought she was decoy and they all hauled as back to the ranch, my wife loaded up with my son and he took her back. After a few days they caught on so I then sent my son to town to Mickey d's about 15 miles away, I then got on the floor board of the truck and she would drive into town, stop at Mickey d's and meet my son inside. I laid on the floor board and she would call me on the cell once they left I would get up and jump in the drivers seat and take off.

Like I said it's a huge game and I can't be served if I don't let it happen. I have lots more stories lol
I love this one, as I have posted before I do lots of court cases, I have been an arbitrator and have heard cases. I have been a mediator and in fact mediated a case as recent as yesterday and wrote my report tonight.

I can tell you your clause in your contract means nothing when a subpoena is served. Mike is on to something that has been used in the past, just ask to you want a key witness in a happy mood or a hostile witness because your concerned about losing money lol.

Many attorneys have tried to subpoena me, I turn it into a game. I cannot be subpoenaed if I don't want to be. I'll park on the next street, cross the alley and come in through the back. I had an attorney once try to serve me for a year before giving up.

Point is just don't be served, they will contact you and will pay your fee's
There is way to many issues with that install to even list to include a flexible connection through the furnace cabinet. I would separate myself from manufactures specifications on this product, although this is normally the correct thing to do. With these products the manufactures have been way less than honest and it is now coming to light that these products failed when tested as far back as the 90's this product has had failures and the manufactures have only made changes in the product or the installation requirements as they get their butt in a crack over failures.

If you want good independent pier reviewed study's I can post them for you.
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