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Messages posted by: Dom D'Agostino
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Consult with a local real estate attorney for advice. Every locale has different regulations.
Google " island vent ".

There are other ways to accomplish that, including AAV's (if they're allowed in your area).

Barring any local legal requirement, the buyer is never obligated to provide any 3rd party reports to the seller, so "No".
If the seller or owner refutes the claim or expert's opinion, they are able to retain their own expert or report.

FWIW, It's not al all uncommon to hire multiple experts and get different opinions for the same issue.

stepho wrote:
Ss this something I need to worry about?

Would this decrease the value of the home even if the sellers were to follow the fix?

It's an engineering report, and it recommends a specific remedy to correct a deficiency (It is spelled out in the Summary). Any structural defect should be addressed.

If you want a 2nd opinion, you'll need to hire an engineer for an on-site analysis.

As to future property value, that's not provided by inspectors, so you should consult with an appraiser or a local real estate agent.

Don't let your software dictate how (or what) you inspect, or what you report.
You will have to modify almost every program to meet your specific needs. I frequently find defects that have no pre-defined "label", you can't just ignore them. Take a look at the 4 point forms put out by Citizens & State Farm, you'll see a wide range of reportable conditions.

Not sure where you're located, but here in Florida, we list all the defects for the 4 areas. (However I won't list a missing outlet cover, for example).
If it's on the inspection report, it's going on the 4 Point report.

Do you have any specific defects you're wondering about?

Unless you know first-hand what was said, and to whom it was stated, you're really just guessing what may have been in the report.

Were you not represented by an agent in this transaction? Almost everything is negotiable, and it appears you had an opportunity to negotiate the terms of your sale. So if you didn't want to lower the price (for whatever reason) that's entirely your decision. Consult with your sales agent and ask for details. Many loans or mortgages require a finished floor covering, and exposed sub-floor may have been an issue at some point.

And while I'm no attorney, I imagine the die has been cast, and you already had your bite of the apple. And how much could one of carpeting even cost anyhow?

How about making someone's first post hang in limbo until approved by your moderator?

That can weed out most of the link droppers and nonsensical BS that clutters this board.

I think you may need a better mechanism to control the spam, as it has exploded lately.

What's with all the un-moderate spam on this site??
But, there is a 100 amp breaker servicing another 100 amp panel?

Are you asking if there is another panel?
Did you take the cover off this panel, is the breaker connected to a circuit?
Is there a downstream panel connected?

Looks like a weep or leakage.
I hate this spam...
I think you are reacting defensively.

I wasn't slamming anyone, but people can get 2nd opinions or do some research, even if they have a warranty.
So the client (a homeowner that should mitigate any damages or defects, even if insured) could have brought in a skilled technician at any time to fix the issue, for the same cost as an annual home warranty, but instead "had no heat" for months.

Pretty sure that's a little there is more to the story.

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