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Messages posted by: bspann
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Just curious to see what everyone does during the year as far as keeping accurate records for year-end taxes. My first year I was on top of it with a monthly expense binder and spread sheet. This year I have slacked on my monthly expenses because it has been busy. Thanks for any feedback
do you have a website?
i want it
Thanks guys
Yeah same here
I just came from a re-inspection. The initial home inspection report mentioned that the original 2 prong outlet were "upgraded" to 3 prong. However, the wiring wasn't upgraded resulting in un-grounded 3 pronged outlets.

They had an electrician come in and install AFCI breakers in the main panel to cover these un-grounded 3 prong outlets and put in writing that it will eliminate any safety issue.

Has anyone ever dealt with this and know if it is consider acceptable from a safety stand point. I called a licensed electrician who is a friend and he couldn't give me a definite answer.

Thanks in advance
Wow this is terrible news
Marketing Flyer 2
Marketing Flyer 1
...for the inspectors who post questions on the Facebook forum. So much terrible advice....sadface
I have been using Allen, I asked them if I qualify they told
Me to ask RWS
Nathan wrote:Are you down here now?

We are driving down now
Thanks INSPEKT for offering to send my wife and I down to Florida to end this great year! Thank you for covering all expenses since we will be doing some "continuing education" down there.

Seriously though, it has been a great year. I think that goes for everyone on this forum. I'd like to hear some 2016 business goals, here are a few of mine:

-LLC my company. I know I should of done it off the bat, I wanted to see what the first year would be like.
-Use the winter (slower) time to start a large marketing campaign geared directly towards realtors.
-Increase my average $ per inspection numbers.
-Hire and start training a helper
-More radon tests
-Break or lose less tools
-Have someone to answer phones and schedule appointments
-Have a beer with PNT

For any of you guys who go over the report on-site using your phone or laptop send me a PM
Exactly. When I first opened about a year and a half ago, appraisers were complaining about having to drop rates to $300 a pop. Now they are charging between $400-$500. Yet all the inspectors in this area are still less than $300 (top end) for anything under 2000 sqft. When you start throwing in warranty fees, gas, phone calls, emails, insurance, tools, vehicle maintenance, angry letters, angry phone calls, people wanting to sue...

The reason I mentioned this in the first place was because three separate emails in one week, one from an angry seller stating I am a: "picky young bastard" another from a listing agent complaining about items being reported "aren't considered defects and I don't have the right to call them defects" and another from a buyer from 18 months ago finding termite damage inside a wall that they tore down for remodeling and wants someone to be responsible (keep in mind a company was brought in for the termite inspection, not my company) but still, we have to handle all of these calls.

Not to mention contractors throwing you under the bus at every opportunity.

We take a beating for people!

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