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Messages posted by: scottrell
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I concur with what Mike said. It almost looks like it is the drywall tape peeling away but difficult to tell in the picture.
I like the cayenne pepper use to deter them from entry. Was the galvanized steel chewed through after you installed? My gut is telling me they have a means of entry/exit that might not have been discovered yet. If you have a wifi camera (e.g. Nest, Ring) you might be able to observe them in action.
I am intrigued. Wouldn't a letter of indemnification between the two companies also be beneficial?
The same areas you look for now. The IR camera is just another tool to help you reduce the scope of an area that needs further investigation, in this case by the use of a moisture meter.
While I am not sure of your current working relationship where you are now I would start w/ having a conversation there. The current owners might be thinking of an exit strategy and you could be their answer. While I applaud you for wanting to take the plunge into being your own boss might want to keep in mind that you are standing on the shoulders of the person that came before you.

There are reasons agents are using your current firm. While marketing has value to increase business you need to also focus on having systems in place to execute and control the business.
Always in enjoy the ISC. It was great to be able to have several guys from the team attend so they can see more of the "big picture" from some of the leading companies and industry partners in the in field
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