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Messages posted by: Jharperinspect
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Thanks mike
Anyone have any good verbiage for these outlets that break like this. They work but would like some good stuff to put in the report.
Hey guys did a radon test and came back high they installed a pipe and I'm going to retest. Got a picture of the mitigation system. Is this correct or should it go to the second floor gutter.?
Is this (Air Quality Testing) something I can sell and do or would it be better or is it mandatory to be fully certified through a company before doing this?
Welcome to the forum
I can't really find any data on whether or not there is state licensing for commercial or further certs I need to get. My lead inspector has a lot of commercial inspection background when he was inspecting in California, trying to reach a different market. Thanks in advance for the help.
Im running a mac and have ISN but I'm using palm tech as my software, is anyone using a mac and running a program that will allow a windows based software to run on mac so i can intergrate with isn with palm tech, i need a program that runs the software but doesn't give me all the BS windows stuff.
Is it easy to take mobile orders or would you just stick to desktop order taking?
Count me in for Nashville!
Accessibility of all access panels and attics. This is a major pain in occupied homes in my area.
Pulled the trigger and got R300 I've already booked 2 tests and should have this paid off soon so I can buy another one in a couple of weeks. I feel the demand is very good in my region.
Here is a peice I have going into a new buyers book that agents give out to their clients.
I will be buying I'm not into renting
What are the pros and cons or the two? I'm starting testing next month. Thanks
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