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We offer well water tests. We suggest it to every buyer that has well water. We don't have a ton, but we do service a more rural area, so there is definitely a need in our area. Our local health department does the testing for us. We make sure that clients know that while city water is monitored, privately owned water sources are not and it is a good idea to have it checked at least every two years, if not once a year. I have included a link to our website service page as well.

We do quite a bit of commercial inspections here where we are. We are the only company in the area that is certified. We also have a team of inspectors, so we can get those bigger jobs done same day, or at least most of the time!
I used to always top off to the next dollar. Now I just stop where it stops.
Do you advertise and if so, how do you do so?

While it is important for inspectors to know how to relay information to clients when a home inspection is completed, it is also important for the agents to do their part on preparing their buyers before the home inspection. One of our company missions is education and that is not only the home buyers/clients, but also for the real estate agents. Here is an article we did for the real estate agents on how to prepare the buyer, so that they have expections of what is going to happen and how handle the report.

Thermal imaging a great tool for home inspectors. My question is do you offer this free of charge with any home inspection or is this an additional charge?
Great article! Most of these we already do. Our inspectors already take pictures of things that may be blocking/preventing them from getting to a particular area. And they most definitely note if they are not able to access major areas such as crawl space, attic, electric panel and such. We even go one step further to contact the listing agent to let them know as soon as possible so that they can either get someone out to make it accessible or at least they know upfront, so if the buyer is asking us to come back out and an additional fee is added, they have a heads up. It can be hard to know what areas that don't currently have defects, may end up with a defect. Say if there are items still in the home and the seller damages a wall or part of the home in removing those items. Any suggestions for this instance?
I agree that if you are not able to get inspections on the schedule within one week, you are most definitely missing out on business. We want to be able to schedule inspections within 2-3 days max. In the real estate industry, at least in Indiana, time is of the essence, so the quicker we can get people in, the better. This allows them prospective buyers time to get additional inspections or consultations if needed and quotes if needed as well.

Great information. And this is why we always reach out to the listing agent/seller to either have them come and move things or just let them know that we are not going to be able to access a certain area for a particular reason.
Great information. I want to add this info into one of presentations that I do for real estate agents!
Social media platforms are definitely a great way to get in front of a lot of people at once. I also recommend getting into real estate offices to see if you can get in front of agents, face to face and phone calls, texts and emails to agents. Check in with them to see how things are going and see if they have an current pain points that you might be able to help them with.
Nice looking brochures. We went with a double sided card stock option.
Very good information. I definitely like asking them to discuss off line, maybe not on the review directly, but getting their contact info through your system and see how things can be handled.
I agree with most everyone else. Being as he called and was honest, I would have a hard time charging for a retest. Possibly let the machine run longer instead of making an extra trip as some mentioned.
We offer sewer scopes as an ancillary service. It is discounted with a home inspection.
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