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Messages posted by: WillyStambaugh
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So nice to now have PNT and his team as a FLIR distributor. The combination of the two make the most professional and reliable team in the home inspection industry. I have many FLIR tools in my bag and the support from Inspector Services Group just makes it all the better.
I'm often on till 11 or 12 pacific. Too bad there is not a chat room. Oh did I say that out loud??? What do you think, less than 10 days and PNT will have one live? I know he loves bringing new things online

Have a good day all.
Logo'd Polo, Tan pants, usually cargo type. I never wear jeans. I wear Under Armor tee shirts they have both heat gear and cold gear as well as long sleeve for cold winter days. Personal opinion is go to and embroidery shop and invest in logo'd shirts. I think it makes you look more professional.
Pete Campbell wrote:I do not put small, stand-alone jobs in ISN, e.g., 4 Pt, Wind, WDO or anything else.

No agreements needed and why spend $4?

I do not put stand alone mold jobs in ISN. I use internachi online agreement and simply email a pdf report. Why spend the $4?

I do not put consulting jobs in ISN. Separate agreement built into that software.

I do not put Investor full HIs in ISN. I use internachi online agreement and simply email a pdf report. Why spend the $4? My ISN templates are decked out with the RWS ISG free USPs which I do not provide to Flipping Investors. Also, my ISN has a lot of follow-up emails I don't need the Investor to see.

Pete I have investors too. I just made a inspection type for them and have an email template for it. Same as for inspections for where I refer the pest inspection to another company. Inspection type and email templates that send all the property, client and agent's info to the pests company. Just for what it is worth.
I can not say enough GOOD about ISN. Dan and his team are top notch.

You have to look at it from the right perspective. ISN is a tool. And like any other tool you have in your kit it is only as good as the way you use it.

If you take the time to set it up to fit your business you will find that it will actually save you time and make you money in short order.

If your writing numerous emails per inspection, not doing any post inspection follow-up with clients or agents, spending time manually reviewing revenue for current month, this year and or comparison to previous years, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at ISN.
jtroth wrote:Is there a course that is designed mainly for home inspectors? I have heard that the level 1 has a lot that is not pertinent to home inspections.

Go to MonroeInfrared.com. They have a Certified residential Thermographer course. 2 day and is all you need to get started.
Thanks Scotbaker.
I use the ISN software for every job. Work Smarter NOT Harder. Confirm appointments, get agreements signed, remind client and agents of appointment the day before, send reports, and do a 10 month follow-up for Home Warranty re-inspection. I send emails to listing agent on EVERY appointment for confirmation, and 24 hour reminder. In addition, I send a Thank You for their client allowing me into the property to do the inspection. I have picked at least 10 new agents from these emails alone. And for the record I do not send the report to the listing agent. That is done by the buyers agent.

ALL of this with the exception of uploading my report to ISN is done automatically with my entering the work order.

Sorry for the long winded post. I am sure there are many out there that do similar and so I relinquish the soap box.
Great job Chris. Great work as always.
Lots os great comments above and Brian Fish said it best. If you have not noticed FLIR began marketing it as a "Consumer" level device in their early marketing. Quality of the image is very low however, if you are in an area with a lot of radiant heat systems it is a quick and easy tool for checking it for operation. And yes, MSX in your camera is great.
Glen hit it on the nose. I think too many inspectors try to use a specific number. Variables such as load alone will impact the reading.
Personally, I do not think the e4 or e5 provide the quality you need to do a good job. I started with an i7 (about equal to the new e6) and it worked well. I have recently moved up to the T440bx. Like others here I am moving to expand my thermal imaging into a separate business. I managed to pay for my i7 in just over a year. So if your entering into thermal imaging I suggest you look at an e6 minimum. FLIR offers Open Box and Refirb's on their site. I purchased both of my cameras from them and they come with the full factory warranty just like new.

Last note. Training is important. Don't invest in a camera if you are not going to get trained. Monroe Infrared Technologies, http://monroeinfrared.com/ , has a "Certified Residential Thermographer" class which is very reasonable and will give a home inspector what they need. If your going to expand then Level1 training is the next step.

Just one mans opinion.

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