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Messages posted by: Liz Rothweiler
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Refer the Inspection Company that you think has your client's best interest at heart. Consider their professional association or licensing, report writing style, willingness to be available to the client after the inspection is completed. These are just a few of the things that differentiate inspectors. Of course, what does this inspection company offer the clients beyond the inspection report. There are many ways to support a home buyer that really do make a difference in their purchasing experience.
Our Top 25 will get a power charger with our logo on it.
Our other agents will get Mini Flashlights.
"Keeping them Charged up for the upcoming year" is the theme we are building the gift around.
Do you go back to a property to inspect the roof if it was covered by snow at the time of inspection?
We do if the client/realtor calls us to schedule it. In the past we've returned and thought the snow would've melted, but it hadn't.
So now we require a call to verify that the snow is melted. We have not been charging for the return.
I am curious what other inspectors do. Thanks
I've been talking with area Realtors and it seems October has been slower than the average. We are slightly down this month, but up overall for the year.
Does this seem to be the case for others in different areas? Thanks
Would like to know whether you do or do not remove the access panel for electric furnace. Thank you.
My son passed his Radon Test and is now providing radon measurement for our business. He wants to become a home inspector too, but he is 21.
It may happen one day. Just wanted to share.
Offering this service in the St. Louis area has become complicated. We are getting all kinds of answers as to who is required to perform this inspection in the St. Louis County.
Some say HVAC contractor is fine to do it; some have said it must be done by the Gas Co. Wondering if anyone has a similar situation in their area, and who is providing accurate answers? Thanks
Has anyone ever encountered a furnace installed upside down? It was electric, breakers, stickers and filter were upside down.
The HVAC professional stated he had never seen anything like it in 26 years of service. This was the first we've seen in over 12,000 inspections.
By the crowd in the room, I'd say you definitely sold out!
Way to go Nathan and RWS! You guys knocked it out of the park this year.
Who Won this contest?
I am very excited to be a part of this forum! There are so many different forums to participate in. I hope this turns out to be the "Go To" site. Can't wait to see your innovative launch!
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