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Every inspector claims to "stand be hind your work" yet when a customer has an honest problem in their home what most inspectors stand behind is a flimsy SOP and their inspection agreement to explain why the customers hones problem is not the inspectors responsibility..... to truly stand behind your work is to offer over $100,000 in after inspection warranty protection.... that's how HomePro Inspections truly stands behind their work!
If your agent suggests that you waive your opportunity to inspect, ask if they would give the same advice to their own parents or children?
Making the transition from home inspections to commercial building inspections can be interesting and lucrative.

It is no secret to you that commercial inspection fees are easily triple that of home inspections no to mention commercial inspections get far fewer complaints about minor cosmetic nonsense.

The challenge is how to break into the commercial building inspection space?

The was the question we had when we launched https//www.MonumentCommercial.com.

One thing for sure is that candy bowls in commercial real estate offices are very unlikely to be the break thru that you are looking for. It has been my experience that commercial real estate agents as well as the lenders, insurance agents, developers and investors in commercial real estate are very interested in earned media.

YOU being he media is a solid way to get appointments with potential commercial real estate partners and referral sources.

What's the simplest, fastest and least expensive path into commercial real estate media, it's podcasting!

That was a the approach we took in creating The Commercial Real Estate Today Podcast!

Interested in learning how to do this? It begins with downloading, subscribing and listening to The Commercial Real Estate Today podcast. Once you've got a feel for the flow and are ready to be a guest, reach out to me and will have an initial conversation to schedule your first interview.

Here's the link to subscribe: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/commercial-real-estate-today/id1538484145

SEO from my perspective is not an act of brilliance, rather it is an act of diligence.

This is especially true in the home inspection business where most choose to do nothing or hire SEO out to a geek who knows nothing of the industry.

Bad in the day Mayor John Daly of Chicago said "vote early and vote often", the home inspection version is "post on this forum and post often.

And yes... HomePro Inspections, Monument Commercial Building Inspections and Primo Pest are hiring in Jacksonville, Florida... and beyond!
This post should be on the required reading list for every home inspection business owner making decisions about scheduling systems, call centers and creating revenue beyond the simple inspection.
Looking for inspectors with commercial building inspection experience who are interested in collaborating on commercial building inspections across the southeast!

As you know commercial building inspections are much better paying than residential and often involve teams of inspectors who gather on site for big projects.

Monument Commercial Building Inspections is looking for inspectors who play well with others and are interested in doing more commercial building inspections.

Let's have a candid and confidential conversation about including you in this collaboration.

Here's my personal calendar for a Zoom call to discuss: https://wallys-calendar.appointlet.com
Florida is now among the States allowing only essential business operations. Home Inspection while not specifically listed as essential, does qualify as essential in that inspections are a sub-set, similar to or a part of several essential business operations.

It is for those reasons that HomePro Inspections will continue to conduct business using the interNACHI Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors that our entire staff has earned Certification in.
A “perfect” inspection can no better predict the life of an individual home component than an insurance table can predict your individual life expectancy. That’s why a warranted inspection is your best protection to reduce future risk and associated expense!
This program has been brilliantly used in Jacksonville FL by several top producers in the luxury real estate market. Funny thing was they first tested the program on houses they knew had challenges . When they saw how buyers responded they then went to the luxury market- it’s been awesome !
Many inspectors claim to be "experts" and some are DURING the inspection.... it's what happens AFTER the inspection that sets Certified Inspection Experts apart from their peers!
When it snows in Jacksonville Florida ALL inspections scheduled that day are FREE!
This video with Nathan makes the perfect case for NOT referring 3 inspectors!

Being able to provide the complete range of environmental sampling options offered by Priority Lab has been a true value add to our customers. Rather than need to find a trusted company to collect samples, they can simply have HomePro sample for them. Saves time, money and avoids confusion.
One of the joys of Florida living is heat pumps used for both heating and cooling. Since every component of the system is operating in either heat or cooling mode, with the exception of the reversing valve, it is beyond rare to have a problem after the inspection.
Yes we are!
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