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Messages posted by: Kevin Moore
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These would have been great if I actually ever received them.Had to go somewhere else after waiting months with no guarantee of a delivery date.
I cant get my website to open up, can someone help? www.homechexinc.com
While the graphics are pretty cool, I feel like you should be saying a little more. Not a lot but maybe just a little more description of the warranties
Plus the corp name will cover the entire state so no one else can use it
By not registarating in every county you leave your business name open for someone else to use it in the other counties.I think in ny its only like $10 per county after your original.I'm assuming your talking about a dba by the sound of it. I highly suggest a S corporation instead of a dba for protection and tax benefits. I pay myself like an employee(w2) and it's all deductible to the corp. It will save you a lot of self employment tax.
Jeremiah Anderson wrote:
SheehanThomson wrote:$20 total with lab fee for charcoal kits

What are the cons?

I stopped using charcoal radon test kits after a few high tests came back and they were challenged by another inspector with a CRM machine. It was hard to argue with that.

I have found the charcoal kits come back about 1 pci/l lower then crms in almost every instance
Yea this is taking to long. Nathan if you cant get it to me within the next two weeks just cancel my order as the season will be ramping up again and I wont have time to play with it til next year
Chad D wrote:I got excited when I saw UPS pull up to my house thinking my crawlbot has arrived. sadly it was just something from Radalink.

Don't worry, two weeks. Lol
Still waiting for mine...
scotbaker wrote:
William Chandler wrote:I really don't want to see these HID posts.

I so agree.

Motion granted, get rid of them Nathan
Cowards hide behind anonymity. If you have something to say, own it
HIDInspector wrote:The anonymity is simply because our authors are active home inspectors and the insights we write about may have a negative affect on the relationships we enjoy with our referring real estate agents. We want to keep our day-jobs.

A quick read of our content should make the reasons for our anonymity a little more clear. The Home Inspection Digest is a new idea, a new perspective, an untechnical look inside...

But, in spite of all that, our perspective, our stories, are just humorous, humorous and familiar. Our experiences are apparent in our posts.
The anecdotes write themselves; scenes you have been in.

"Disclosing the undisclosed, what the home inspector didn't tell you."

...and we are always looking for contributors.

Thank you for your curiosity.

So you know it would negatively affect your day job but you feel it's ok to post info that shows home inspectors in a possible negative light?
I have been having the same problems with sun nuclear. I sent a monitor in for repair, they sent it back almost 3 months later. It worked once then went dark again. Sent it back to them and took another 2 months to get it back. Same result. I have now sent it in for the 3rd time. I have been without this 1028 monitor for almost half a year and it was less than 2 yrs old
I feel like I missed a whole conversation.
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