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Chad look at AirChek as your professional. Thats who we work under here in FL. They should have one in Illinois you can work under without having to use Radalink. Only issue is you either use Charcoal, or their Femtotech machines.
New NEC code mandates shared neutral breakers have handle ties on them
That gap just needs filled to keep the pests out but isn't affecting your structure. It is the stem wall to keep the wood framing off of grade to prevent rot/termite issues
I have often wondered when the internet was going to be the big disrupter with real estate. The internet has brought down the music industry, they've changed the way we buy cars, food, products.....cable tv is struggling with the disruption of streaming everything on demand. When will Realtors as a profession become the proverbial dinosaur? I've often felt that all that would be needed is an internet portal that can charge to just simply list your property and then put you in contract with Inspectors, appraisers, real estate attorneys. I'm not saying that Realtors have no use in the transaction at all, but I can honestly say the last 2 years, we've done more FSBO's from Zillow than we had years combined prior. This guy makes in interesting observation about how the MLS is being ousted by the very hand that it feeds and what may happen next, even if it is a blog.

Whats the going rate for a 2BHK apartment in Thane, Mumbai Vipulshah? I am in the market for that exact size and location, like you're reading my mind....
www.expensify.com, and mobile app
Yes, we use it (stationary) on our reports.
My other inspector for now lives right at the on ramp to 275 at 4th st. So its a 40 min drive to city limits for him. No biggie though. Hes buying a house in Clearwater in a month so we likely wont make that trip anymore soon.
We travel there if its in City limits
There could be a multitude of explanations, the first I would start with is did your inspector do a control reading when he produced a reading saying it was elevated? For example, if he tested a hallway wall and the baseline reading was 14-15%, which can occur when a house sits vacant with no hvac running (common on investor properties), then a reading of 17 may not be that high compared to if the control was 8. Remember in wall materials, you are not inferring the direct % of moisture but a relative amount to a baseline control, so for example if your baseline control was 10 on the meter and your area in question was 20, then that area was holding twice the amount of moisture as the control area was. So a 17.3 is essentially useless information until you compare it to a relative known. Also, did he use a pin probe meter or a pinless? Pinless meters are notorious for giving false readings as they get close to edges of windows etc where they encounter metal corner beading, nails, screws, etc. Producing an arbitrary number without use of proper equipment or procedures can have results that are unintended. Did the windows have screw holes in the bottoms, or alarm wires at the bottom trays where water could leak? Were they vinyl windows and perhaps the weep holes clogged? Jalousie windows are notorious for leaks as well. There's quite a few things that need to be evaluated. Without answers to these questions, giving you a direct answer is not easily done on this forum. We are in Tampa and could assist, however, your deadline of tomorrow is not conducive to our schedule and likely not many folks in general, so you would either need to extend your inspection window to allow for more investigation or make a quick decision.
Sadly, he's the only person to truly call a horse a horse and all the bad financial deals this country takes on that must end, while doing nothing but printing worthless funny money and raking up record debt.
The only 'issue' with it is it increases the solid load on you tank and may need to be pumped more frequently.
Just state unknown, it is not the inspectors job to give the exact age. You put yourself in a position of liability, push it back to the seller to disclose or the buyer to find out through their own channels.
Then call it out for further evaluation. Might wanna look into a Ideal Suretest 61-164. Watch out when buying circuit analyzer's. Very few have the ability to detect bootleg grounds. Ideal's do. I don't think any of the Extech products I've read specs on can unless they've come out with one in the past year.
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